Thursday, 18 September 2014

Painting Report - Italian Wars

It might appear that I haven't painted much over the last few months. Certainly, after the hard slog to get the SYW Zorndorf game ready I was in need of a break. I've also been snowed under with work for clients, and still am, so my personal painting has been somewhat limited by available time. I've dabbled, with things like the Cardinal figure conversion, but until about six weeks ago I had painted almost nothing. 

Next year I'll be putting on Marignano 1515 at a new show (for us) in the north (to be announced) and rather than end up with the mad dash of earlier this year I've begun to make an early start on the few hundred figures I'll need. This painting has led to a rather drastic act. As one of the game's requirements is several dozen more skirmish infantry I had to make a final decision on basing. Originally, I had decided to base my skirmish infantry units twelve figures strong on four 60mm x 40mm bases (three figures per base). I can't remember why. Everything else I have based is on a frontage of 45mm, with formed foot four to a base and pike six to a base. 

I have re-based all of my skirmish infantry on 90mm x 45mm bases in units of sixteen, the same as number of figures as there are in my formed missile troops. I have also added quite a few additions. Some of the new painting has provided new units and some has bulked up the unit numbers from twelve to sixteen figure units. 

 Here are all of the figures, new and old, all based on the new bases. I have not changed the basing of my skirmish cavalry, these are new troops.
 Here are the newly painted figures - sixteen cavalry, five units of formed infantry and five units of skirmish infantry.
 There are three units of formed shot. One Italian unit with TAG figures. A unit of Landsknechts mainly comprising OG figures with a couple of Foundry. A unit of Spanish comprising OG figures.
 Two units of formed crossbow using Foundry and OG figures. From the front.
 From the back.
 Two units of mounted arquebusier by TAG (with a Foundry officer to make 16 figures in all). I really like these figures, so I've taken a few pics. Unit 1.
 Unit 2. The Foundry figure is wearing a cloak.
 Both units from above. 45mm frontage, 90mm depth bases give quite a nice 'skirmishing' feel.
 Three units of skirmish crossbow and two units of skirmish shot. The two shot units were bulked up units so only about half of these figures are new. The crossbows are new units, they are a mix of OG and Foundry figures. The shot are a mixture of OG, Foundry and TAG.
 Another pic of the same troops. Shot are Landsknechts and Swiss / Italian.


Phil C said...

Brilliant! love those Old Glory figures, your painting style is awesome! love the bases too....

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Fab work!

rhingley said...

As always. Lovely work. I wish my miniatures would look half as good.

David said...

Really nice work there. The new basing looks just right too.

Colin Ashton said...

lovely troops and a really like the bases