Thursday, 18 September 2014

Advertising Poll Added

I've been thinking for some time about allowing "Adsense" advertising on this blog. The reason is obvious. I could use any money that advertisement might generate to buy more of the shiny stuff - the money would be ring fenced. I can't imagine it will make all that much money. I really have no idea how much money these things make. So, is it worth it? 

The thing is, although I don't mind seeing an ad' or two on the blogs of others I've been led to believe that many people hate it. I wonder how many and how strong the opposition is. Obviously, comments as well as votes would be most welcome.

So, I'm largely leaving it up to you guys. I've set up a poll in the side bar. Please take the time to vote.

A "Yes / Don't care either way" majority will not automatically lead to it happening - it just means I'll look into it more closely. For a handful of figures a year it would not be worth it. For a handful of units, it might. Once a year we could have a poll on what the money should be spent on - that might be fun.




  33 (27%)
  35 (29%)
Don't care either way
  52 (43%)

When it comes to peoples opinions about the inclusion of advertising space on a hobby blog there seems to be a very mixed view. It is, as they say, as clear as mud. I'm actually surprised mostly by the majority who don't care either way. From conversations I've had in the past I expected the vote to be more polarised.

So what does it mean as far as this blog is concerned? It means there will be no advertising space on this hobby blog.

Thank you for taking time to vote and comment. Peace returns to the hustings.


Bluebear Jeff said...

Personally I don't like advertising . . . but I didn't vote "no".

It is your blog, not mine, so I voted "don't care".

If you have ads it won't stop me from taking a look at your posts . . . but I will attempt to ignore the adds and concentrate on the "eye candy" you post.

-- Jeff

Anonymous said...

Same here, I don't like it, but it's not my blog.

I suspect you might be disappointed with it too. My blog is not exactly 'busy' with hits, but in over two years my 'Amazon' account collected two clicks, despite an ad box and direct links to books within posts.

Adsense is quite intrusive too and some people find it irritating... almost as irritating as comment verification. ;-)

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

I don't (or very rarely) actually visit your blog - I read via Feedly along with the the hundreds of other blogs so I wonder how ad sense would work in a situation like that???

dmchodge said...

I use AdBlocker and so won't see the things. So I voted "don't care".

But you won't make any money off me either.

moosoid said...

Love your blog - highly inspiring for my own glacially-paced painting efforts, particularly for Punics - and I think anything that remunerates you for the effort you put in, even if it is a hobby, is a good thing. So crack on I say.

Anonymous said...

Ads on the internet? I've been using Adblocker for so long I forgot such a thing exists… :-) So, I don't mind, it won't have an effect on my reding experience.

Jason said...

You won't make a penny. Too small traffic, not interested in clicking ads and too small a niche to provide decent ads to potentially click on.