Thursday, 9 October 2014

Harran 1104 AD - The set up for Fiasco continues

Last night Peter, Graham and I set about checking the Harran scenario for Fiasco 2014 at the Royal Armouries on 26th October. I have made the changes to the initial set up in the hope that it works somewhat better than in my solo test game last month.

You can see that the river now crosses the table obliquely rather than running roughly lengthwise and the hill is in a new position. 

The hill and the Antiochenes under Bohemund and Tancred are now placed at end, and on the 'Saracen side', of the table. This looks, at first glance, a rather silly way of making the game run across the table rather than up it but, it achieves something that the other set up did not: It opens up the left flank of the Antiochenes to possible attack by Jekermish (primarily); the Antiochenes are unable to anchor their left flank on the artifice of the 'Crusader' table edge (see above pic).
 Except for their angle on the table, the set up for the Edessans and the Mardinians is roughly similar to the original set up. There have been some minor changes in force composition. The main change is the make up and classification of the Edessan knights.
These units are now made up of mixed western knights and Armenian heavy cavalry. I believe this is probably nearer to their actual composition given the ethnic demographic of Edessa. I have chosen to class them as full units of elite, professional, close order cavalry, in medium armour using couched lance. 

Just behind them is a small unit of Antiochene western knights.
Jekermish's deployment, excepting the composition of his force, is unchanged. 
As well as the odd village, largely added for the storage of dice and stuff if the table at Fiasco does not have a spare trestle table for the 'bumf of war', the game features a couple of camps. This one is a Turcoman camp with supply camels. 

The resin Yurts, BTW, are by Grand Manner. They are very nice, if a little expensive.
 The village and camp is mirrored at the Crusader end of the table.
 The Battle
 The Crusaders under Baldwin went forward eagerly. Though they lost some of their Turcopoles in a hail of arrows the process.
 It looked for a moment as if the Turcoman horse archers might be caught with their backs to the river.
 They managed to evade just in time. The Edessans were running out of steam.
 As they stalled Jekermish came forward and began to cross the river Balikh.
 Three hundred cavalry coming at you always looks intimidating. The effect was spoiled by Grahams inability to roll command group  activation dice: He rolled five natural '1s' on his polyhedrals in quick succession. 
 Jekermish's activation allowed the Antiochenes to activate.
 They reached the river in no time at all and started pelting the enemy with crossbow fire.
 Soqman's Turcomans re-crossed the river. The arrows were now flying in both directions.
 At the end of the first evenings play, this was the overall position. 

Baldwin has tried to form a flank but it was still hanging in the air and is being threatened by Jekermish's cavalry. The Antiochenes are well and truly poised to press their own attack. Soqman's heavy cavalry are at the river bank.

It now comes down to a race. Can Jekermish get behind the open flank before the Antiochenes can intervene.

Next week we will finish the battle. This week I aim to finalise the full scenario notes. I'll post them here as soon as they are done.

I also intend to write up the amendments to my Ager Sanguinis rules so that everything is written down before Fiasco. This will also serve to refresh my memory - we haven't played AS for so long that I had to check up several things during the evening. 

Lots to do.......


Ubique Matt said...

Excellent set up and a fantastic looking game.

Phil said...

As always, splendid pictures, this room is really the camps!

DeanM said...

Superb looking game with amazing figures