Saturday, 17 January 2015

As one pile disappears, another lifts its shiny head

So, with the Russians finished and the last four units of Prussian infantry and two units of Prussian cavalry on hold, I've been working on getting my Austrians back into the fight. 

At the moment this is largely a case of upgrading my 16 man infantry units to 24 man units and re-basing the army on 45mm wide bases to match the Prussians and Russians. It's an awful job; trying to match painting I did fifteen (?) years ago is quite difficult; painting figures and not having 'new' units to show for the effort is a bit dispiriting. On the up side, I only have two units of Hungarian infantry to go.

When the Hungarians are done, there will be a small 'game-able' army all ready to go. It comprises:

5 regiments of cuirassier
3 regiments of dragoons
1 regiments of hussars

8 regiments of German infantry
2 regiments of Hungarian infantry
1 unit of combined German grenadiers
3 battalions of Grenzers

3 batteries of guns

9 command stands

Then I can start increasing the size of the army by adding a few new units. Here are the plans for that expansion - the number in brackets is the number of units already in the shiny pile. I expect to have this lot done by the end of the year.

3 regiments of cuirassier (1)
2 regiments of dragoons (1)
2 units of combined elite companies (1)
4 regiments of hussars (1)

8 regiments of German infantry (6)
1 regiment of Hungarians (1)
2 unit of combined grenadiers (1)
3 battalions of Grenzers (3)

3 batteries of guns (1)

This will give a nicely balanced army of 54 units comprising: 28 units of infantry, 20 units of cavalry and 6 batteries of guns that will able to take the field in war game campaigns with the Prussians (50 units) and Russians (54 units).  Except for a 'universal' pontoon train and some 'universal' limbers that I plan to add for completeness, this is where my Seven Years War project will end for the foreseeable future.

Then, I can start my Peninsular War collection. 


Gonsalvo said...

I do love Austrian armies.

"And then, I can start my Peninsular War collection" LOL!

Der Alte Fritz said...

The way that you base your figures will tie everything together, with respect to possible differences in painting styles. I doubt that anyone else will be able to detect the difference. :)

BTW, I find that the Crusader figures seem to mix in well with the Front Rank figures. I particular like their Croats and you can never have enough Croats.

DeanM said...

Oh no - rebasing has struck again! :) Great looking figures in any case.

pancerni said...

good to see you won't be dawdling around, searching for a new project! ;-)

My 7YW said...

You can do it.
Though it is a challenge, I'm confident. May the force be with you.
With my last years painting I managed to complete about 240 newly painted figs and converted around a 100 French infantry (altering facings and redoing the flags), further more I did 10 French gun models and some more Allied army's ones.
It has been my most productive year ever.
Now I'm busy cutting my bases in half and more often have to base my stands anew as a result. To this end I bought myself a bench circular saw for better motivation. You see, I know very well what you are going through. ;-

Dave Huntley (sheepman) said...

Know what your going through mate, all my late Roman/Hun/Goths to re-base to Impetus - Urghhhhhhh.

Wargame_Insomniac said...

Not a period I am especially familiar with, but these and Russians look as great as your Punic Wars armies. Can't wait to see what you do with Peninsular war.

Capt Bill said...

Believe me no matter how well we plan to finish the perfect army, your work is never done...bill

Sgt Steiner said...

No wargamers armies or projects are ever truly finished !! :-)