Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Latest additions - newly recruited Austrians

Having finished painting the upgrades to all of the existing Austrian units I've started to add some completely new units. 

I am starting with four German infantry regiments: The first pair will be 21 Lacy and 41 Bayreuth; the second pair are 23 Baden-Baden and 29 Loudon. I have chosen to do these two pairs of units because each pair wears an almost identical uniform, allowing me to paint them in 'double batches' of 48 figures without much thought.

The first pair of units have now (less basing) been done.

 22 Lacy (left) and 41 Bayreuth (right). Only the pompoms differentiate the units.

These are Front Rank figures in the marching with shouldered musket pose. 

I know this pose is not to every one's taste, the marching with musket upright pose is more popular and somehow looks more SYW, but I love this pose because it is the easiest / quickest pose to paint.

Flags are over painted versions of the Greenwood and Ball design.
From the direction you usually see your Austrians (before they turn and run), I think the pose looks quite purposeful.

One thing I have done, is to replace the cast on officer's partizan pole with a wire one. I'm fed up of having straighten them out and touch up flaked paint; they stand too proud of the unit and are forever getting caught on player's sleeves. 

Lastly I thought I'd show the difference between old and new painting styles. The unit on the left, 14 Salm, was painted ten to fifteen years ago (?). They style hasn't changed that much over time but there are differences. 

Next up, regiments 23 and 29 in with dark blue facings. They are in the 'marching with musket upright' pose. They are black under-coated and ready to go.


ljr70 said...

Absolutley stunning!!

ljr70 said...

Absolutley stunning!!

Jim Duncan said...

Pretty Damn Good!

Gonsalvo said...

Really lovely Austrians, James!

Mark G said...

Lovely work.

David said...

Nice work!

matheo said...

I like the switch from grey to beige as a base for white uniforms; this makes them look way more realistic. One thing I noticed while reenacting - those austrian woolen "white" uniforms were usually creamy-beige in appearience.

pancerni said...

Great looking figures!

Phil said...


Vasiliy Levashov said...

Excellent work, James! As usual. :)
We draw inspiration from your posts. Thank you.

BTW. We tried to repeat your experience in making coverage for the game table. Everything turned out even better than we expected.

World2Dave said...

Just stunning. You do 'white' so well!