Thursday, 23 July 2015

Prussian army finished - Roll Call!

One of the first figures I painted - Frederick. I painted him over 15 years ago.

I have three armies for the Seven Years War: Russian, Prussian and Austrian. I painted the base of each army around 15 years ago. Each was between twenty five and twenty eight units strong. A couple of years ago I decided to roughly double the number of units and increase infantry strengths from 16 man units to 24 man units. I finished the Russians some time ago and since then progress has seemed slow. Last month I decided to stop painting Austrians for a while (I still have 18 units in the lead pile to do) and paint up the last few six Prussian units. 

The Prussian Army - 50 units.
Today I based the last of them. The Prussian army is finished. Time for roll call.

12 guns and 47 crew

5 24 man units of combined grenadiers - they are, front to back CG 29/31, CG 9/10, CG G6/G8, CG 8/46, and Standing Grenadier IV.

4 units of Musketeers. Front to back they are: IR 24, IR 34, IR 1, IR 5.

4 units of Musketeers. Front to back they are: IR 29, IR 10, IR 4, IR 23.

4 units of Musketeers. Front to back they are: IR 19, IR 2, IR 14, IR 25.

4 units of Fusiliers. Front to back they are: IR 46, IR 49, IR 37, IR 40. (IR 46 is only 23 figures strong).

IR 15 The Guard, an 8 figure strong unit of Jaeger, a unit of Garrison 3 and a clutch of 12 command figures.

Six units of Hussars. Front to back they are: Two units of HR 2, two units of HR 7 and two units of HR 5. Three of these units are only 7 figures strong.

Six units of Dragoons. Front to back they are: Two units of DR 6 and one unit each of DR 5, DR 1, DR 8, DR 11.

Four units of Cuirassier. Front to back they are: CR 8, CR 7, CR 11, CR 10

Four units of Cuirassier. Front to back they are: CR 13, CR 5, CR 2, CR 1

So there they all are. The smallest of the three armies, it comprises 776 figures. Job done!


Scheck said...

OMG, this is a outstanding army - so many units and each of them is wonderfully painted. I am so envious... :-)
Great job you did - my biggest compliment!!

Phil said...

Sublime! Awesome! Fantastic! Superb painted miniatures/units and basing! - Marvelous!!


Noss Calavera said...

Very impressive!

Gonsalvo said...

Spectacular individually, breathtaking en masse!

Vasiliy Levashov said...


Steve J. said...

Absolutely superb looking army! Well done.

TamsinP said...

That is an impressive army indeed. Even more so as you have equally (or soon to be) large armies of Russians and Austrians.

Bravo! :)


Thank you, everyone, for your kind words.

Sometimes I feel as though there is no end and feel a little sad because I can't paint fast enough. But then there are days like today: milestone days on which, although there might be many miles to go, you suddenly realise you might be getting there - no more Prussians, imagine that.

Many Thanks,


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Fantastic achievement!


Prufrock said...

They are wonderful James!

Allan Tidmarsh said...

Wow, what a super collection

David said...

Wonderful! Colourful! Inspirational! But, finished? Surely some mistake there...

RACE said...

Awesome paint job. I can't even imagine having the patience to paint 50 units with all of those 24 figure infantry units in there.

Do you hand paint all of your flags? What material do you use for your flags? What is your technique for shaping? I've read up on a few techniques, and have been having some success with rice paper, but I'm always looking for new ideas.

Much appreciation in advance for any reply.


John said...

Have I died and gone to heaven?????.....Awesome!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Beautiful collection!