Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Those funny looking Prussians - Update

Except for a flag and basing I've finished painting up those funny looking grenadiers for IR 15 Garde Bataillon. It's quite amazing what you can do with paint. If you remember the coat had no collar and no buttons. 

I've painted these up to be the grenadiers of third battalion of 15th Regiment. I added the lapels by simply painting them on, along with a collar, the simple lace and buttons. Funny looking they might have been - now they are fit for action. 

The second and third battalion were paired and did most of the fighting in the AWS and SYW. 

First battalion only fought at Mollwitz (AWS), Lobositz, Kolin and the defence of Breslau (SYW).

Second and third battalions fought at Chotusitz, Hohenfriedberg and Soor (AWS), and Rossbach, Leuthen, capture of Breslau, Hochkirch, siege of Dresden, Liegnitz, Combat at Hochgiersdorf, Torgau, Burkersdorf, Reichenbach, and finally took part in the siege of Sweidnitz (SYW).

This was the last of the infantry units for the Prussian project. I've just got two cuirassier to do - the 5th Cuirassier Regiment and the 13th Garde du Corps. The latter I'm painting up at the same strength as the other units even though it was only three squadrons strong rather than five - it will be a more versatile unit that way. I hope to have them done by the end of the week. I'm hoping to do a roll call post sometime next week with everything flagged up and based - 50 units of Prussians done and dusted! At last the end is nigh.


Steve63 said...

Fantastic work, inspirational.
You are a very prolific painter, you put my own efforts to shame.

Gonsalvo said...

Your excellent paint job has rescued some rather odd castings; their flaws are barely evident now!

Bedford said...

Lovely stuff James!