Wednesday, 6 November 2019

Tonight's game - The Battle of Campo Veja

So that Graham and Peter can see the field before they arrive I'm posting these simple scenario notes. 

It's basically another line them up game with terrain objectives that are worth army morale points that will be taken from the enemy's pool. 

The French will deploy on the western side of the field. The British will deploy on the eastern side. Each has four commands.

The table has been divided into 24 deployment zones, 6 north to south by 4 east to west. Each side will initially get 4 base edge zones with additional zones by 'additional zone' ACAD cards. The initial zones can be any zone on the players baseline, including flank zones; they can either be 4 contiguous zones or they can be split into two groups (2 2 or 3 1) with a gap of 1 or 2 zones between. 

The game has a wine theme. The battlefield looking north.

Terrain notes:
  • The Rio Del Vino is shallow and fordable to infantry and cavalry along it's entire length (class II terrain). However, the banks are steep so artillery can only cross at the bridge and ford; because of the steepness of the banks, troops defending them count a superior position in melee.
  • The villages are standard town sections. To control a two or three section village objective two sections must be held (last held). Campo Veja is a hill-top village (all sections at the same height); troops defending Campo Veja count it as an uphill (superior) position versus assaults from the north, west and east. 
  • Hills are class II terrain and give soft cover to troops thereon. The absolute summit of each hill is marked by the objective point marker; to determine who is 'uphill' the hills rise in asymetric cones up to the summit point. The two summits of the Graciano ridge are heavily wooded class III terrain that provide hard cover to troops within and block LOS. Shooting uphill at troops on the Graciano counts as firing from an inferior position.
  • Bounded fields are either arable or orchards (not to be read too literally as they cover a variety of terrain types). Both are class I terrain that provide soft cover to troops within. Orchards are only different in that they block LOS, like woods.

Tonight's big rule changes: All dice rolls (DD, CD and LD) will now start at D8. To balance things up, I have adjusted the quick reference sheets. Consequently, guys, do not be dismayed by the number of red beaded DD pins - it makes the unit DD6 not, as was, DD4. DD4 is now only available with a new yellow bead designation (a Down 2 bead, cos they're yella) but, there are none in evidence for tonight's game. 


Jonathan Freitag said...

Beautiful table!

pancerni said...

Going to be a great looking game!

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I wish my tables looked half as good as this one. Fantastic!