Thursday, 3 June 2010

Punic War Project - stage 2

I've been lazy this past month (I've only painted 50 figures, but based up 800), and time is moving on. I've fought my first battles and 'recruitment' is required...........

I've completed stage one of the project - Trebbia at half scale - and it is time to start stage two: Lake Trasimene at full scale.

The figures required to fight this battle comprise Hannibal's army at full scale and the equivalent of two Roman legions. This stage's to-do list is as follows:

Additions for Hannibal's army:

4 units of Libyan spearmen (96 figures)
4 units of Spanish Scutarii (96 figures)
5 units of African skirmishers (40 figures)
8 units of Gallic foot warriors (176 figures)
2 units of Spanish cavalry (16 figures)
3 units of Numidian cavalry (24 figures)
6 units of Gallic cavalry (48 figures)
A few extra command stands - mainly Gallic

Additions for Flaminius's Roman army:

2 'Legions' of Roman allies each comprising hastati, pricipes, triarii and velites (144 figures)
1 'Extraordinarii' command comprising velites and hastati (48 figures)
4 units of cavalry, including those for the extraordinarii, (32 figures)

I think this will occupy me until November at the latest. More than any other stage of the project this is the one I want to finish most. It breaks the back of the project. When it is done, 1400ish of the 2,300ish figures will be done - and it's always nice to have less than 1000 to do!

After stage 2 I'll be finishing whole national groups, starting with the Romans, then Gauls, Spanish and African / Carthaginian in that order. As each is finished I can say 'DONE!' with more pleasure and satisfaction than you would guess at. The pace I've set for this project, with the November 2011 deadline set in stone, is very gruelling.


Der Alte Fritz said...

Wow that is808 figures to paint over the next six months or 135 per month. I hope that this pace doesn't break your back rather than the projects back That is about what I paint in a really good year. Good luck! You have a wonderful looking collection



It is a tall order, but:

1. I would like to get ahead of schedule.

2. After the first battles I'm mad keen and want to use the impetus.

3. It is summer time, and the paint dries quicker.

michael said...

Why so many minis James? Yes I know, there are indeed stupid questions. :)

If a game the size of your Trebbia took a couple of hours to fight; how long will a full sized battle take? One of the interesting things about the C&C game is the sclaed down approach to what are big battles such as his Cannae scenario.

Good luck with the painting! I' about ready to finish up some ECW odds and ends and then get back to my AWI stuff.

Mike Bruck

Anonymous said...

來看看你逛逛blog囉,加油! ........................................

scotty said...

My God, how many figures?? best of luck, don't think I could stick to painting that many, other projects would get in the way.


Hi Michael,

Why so many figures?

This is partly down to an overall approach to projects and partly down to vanity.

About 10 years ago I looked at my collections and what they were fit for. I could put a reasonable game on with all of them, but campaignability was limited. I decided at that point that all future projects would be carried out on a much grander scale.

This project is the largest so far (the others have less than 1500 figures) and the time frame for completion is consequently more aggressive (even I lose the will after 2 years or so). It is a multi-pronged project at the end of which I will be able to field 4 campaignable armies (Roman, Gallic, Spanish and Carthaginian).

The vanity aspect is much more easily explained - I like to wow people. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than putting a game on at a show involving lots and lots of figures and having someone ask "Who painted these?" followed by "How long did that lot take?" and watching their jaw drop with the answers "Just me." and "2 years."

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I guess I will need a lot..................................................

michael said...

Its about time for another battle report. You inspired me to try C&C again. I played the Cannae scenario from the game (with the wooden blocks not minis). It was pretty bizzare. What makes C&C doable, IMHO, are the changes you made to make the game less disorganized. I am wanting to get the Greek/Macedonian book to see how we (read that: you) could come up with some table top changes.

Thanks for giving us a great project to enjoy.

Mike Bruck