Saturday, 29 May 2010

Trebbia. A bit of solo fun.

Here are some large pictures of The Battle of Trebbia I fought solo this afternoon. I used ammended Command and Colors rules and the battle took about two hours to play. Rather than a blow by blow account, I'll give the pictures along with the cards played

Rome: Order 3 commands centre. Carthage: Order medium troops

Rome: Double time. Carthage: Order 3 commands right.

Rome: Order 2 commands left. Carthage: Coordinated attack.

Rome: Counter attack. Carthage: Order light troops.

Rome: Line command. Carthage: Inspired leadership right.

Rome: Order 3 commands right. Carthage: Order heavy troops.

Rome: Order 4 commands centre. Carthage: Line command.
Rome: Order heavy troops. Carthage: Double time.
Rome: Clash of shields. Carthage: Order 2 commands centre.

Rome: Order 3 commands centre. Carthage: Out flank (2 commands left and right)
Rome: Line command.
Roman victory conditions achieved!


Mike Bruck said...

It sure is hard to post a comment!! :)

I love your project! Keep the reports coming. I have Command and Colors Ancients. I have played it but with mixed results. I think some of your tweaks will go a long way to making the game better. Where did you get the C&C dice?

Mike Bruck

Caliban said...

Lovely stuff, James. I don't know C&C, but it looks to me as though the Romans crunched through the centre before their flanks caved in. I take it the Carthaginian ambush didn't come off because they didn't get the right command cards?



Hi Mike,

Wood C&C dice are by Valley Games in Canada. They are, from memory, $7.00 a set + $4.00 postage (buy a few sets, the postage doesn't seem to change). In UK money, it runs out at about £13.00 for two sets. They take PayPal. Delivery time is about three weeks to the UK. They are much better than the plastic C&C dice provided (smaller / lighter) - I like 'em & I've ordered 2 more sets.

BigRedBat said...

Looks great fun! What are the markers behind the units, please?

My own wooden dice arrived last week about 10 days from ordering.


Hi Simon,

tufts are loaded markers (see mods) and the stones are 'stand' losses. Wheels = 4 stones. Tufts on 1p, stones on 2p.

Dale said...

Beautiful eye candy, for sure.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Wonderful looking table and miniatures,but it's your gaming room that has me drooling!Those shelves are superb!!!!Everything looks so darn clean and organized.My games room looks like a condemned zone with a sign that should read "Enter at your own risk!"


Anonymous said...

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Graham C said...

Whilst my mate continues painting his 42mm Franco-Prussian your blog has inspired me to start my Magnesi project in 28mm, a solo effort for next year!
Great looking game, even better looking gaming room!