Friday, 2 July 2010

Stage 2, month 1, a couple of yards

The first month of stage 2 is over and here is the product - just over 2 yards of bases. All figures are by Renegade. All painted in enamels by yours truly. I've stuck them onto 4mm plywood but will not do the scenic basing (I hate basing) until their are enough to make it worth while.
96 socii (Roman allies), comprising 2 units of hastati and 2 units of Principes, for the 'blue' and 'yellow' ala. (Is the plural for ala - alae?)



96 Spanish scutarii. I like these troops a lot, but Rengade do not make command figures. Consequently I've had to get the Milliput out to fashion some cloaks, crests and trumpets.

Der Alte Fritz says I have got to do just over 800 (I didn't actually count the total) to finish this stage of the project at 135 a month. There are just over 600 now - a good start in anyones book, I think.
Next up, the last of the 'Trasimene' Roman infantry (96 figures) and then onto the Gallic infantry. I've just finished a couple of hundred Gauls for a client, so my 'hand is in', so to speak.


Anonymous said...

An amazing sight. I like your paint style very much, its very forgiving when getting up close. Must be the enamels "texture" or something. (I paint only in acrylics)

Phil Hendry said...

Looking excellent, as usual. Yes indeed, the plural of ala is alae.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Awesome stuff here! Nice work.

Der Alte Fritz said...

We're not worthy! We're not worthy! James, you are an awesome painter in every respect: quality , speed and quantity.

I know how you feel about basing. I always seem to accumulate too many figures to base, which only makes the job bigger.

saxon dog said...

amazing output and looking great!

DeanM said...

Very impressive - both in quality and quantity. I do like your style of paining. I started with enamels (on Airfix, etc.), but haven't used them in a long time. I recall the drying time is a bit longer which can be used to blend colors differently than with fast drying acrylics. Your work is masterful. Regards, Dean


James!Please tell me When Do You Find The Time??I really need to know.
Great looking figs,by the way and the project`s outstanding.


michael said...

You slacker! That's all you got finished. I'm looking forward to another battle report with C&C. I can't quite see that system really working but your games and enthusiasm are convincing.

Mike B