Thursday, 22 March 2012

The Battle of Arpi - initial deployments.

The Battle of Arpi will not be fought for two weeks due to my son's birthday falling on next wek's wargaming night. But, as a taster, I offer you some photos of the initial deployments. A full battle report, including characterisation card draws, etc. will follow the battle being fought out.


DHC Wargames said...

Marvelous... As usual! Always enojoy your posts ans especially the photos!


Gunny Highway said...

NOW THIS IS WHAT ANCIENTS ARE ALL ABOUT! WONDERFUL.... How do you explain to someone that doesnt wargame why these pictures make your heart race! Your 2 years of effort shows in these pictures.


BigRedBat said...

Lovely set up. I worry about the gap between the Roman legions, though...


Hi Simon,

I'm Carthage, so I'm sayin' nothing.

Broeders said...

Great looking set-up. Looking forward to the battle reports.

Der Alte Fritz said...

The Roman right wing vs the Carthaginian left wing looks very powerful. I am guessing that the Roman right will attack with the table edge on one flank and the Roman cavalry in the middle on the other flank. The attack will swing down the hill and pivot on the Roman cavalry in the center. The Roman left will 'refuse'. It almost looks like the Romans are daring the Carthaginians to attack the center.



Yes, I agree. This looks like one of those battles that will turn through 90 degrees. My hope, as Carthaginian, is that my weighted right can dispose of his right.

This is going to be an interesting one.

Also, this time, the morale / characterisation deck card draw is very close. Carthage 9 cards, Rome 8 cards. I've got to say, I'm nervous about this one. Contrary to all belief, the Romans are tough cookies.