Saturday, 17 March 2012

Punic Wars figures painted

I started to paint stuff for this project in September 2009 - certainly by mid October I had painted 200 figures. Today I finished painting the last figure for my 2nd Punic War collection and tacked it to its base. There is still some basing left to do, but at least the figures are now finished. So how many are there? Roll call!

The Romans:
8 x 24 figure units of hastati,  8 x 24 figure units of principes, 8 x 12 figure units of triarii, 8 x 12 figure units of velites, 8 x 8 figure units of cavalry, and 7 command stands with 5 cavalry figures and 10 infantry figures in total. Total figures: 655 (including 74 cavalry).

The 'Africans':
8 x 24 figure units of Libyan spearmen, 1 x 24 figure unit of Numidian 'Roman trained' infantry, 7 x 8 figure units of Numidian and Libyan javelinmen, 2 x 8 figure units of 'Greek' archers, 8 x 8 figure units of Numidian cavalry, 1 x 8 figure unit of Carthaginian cavalry, 4 x elephants plus attendant crew (24 figures), and 6 command stands with a total of 11 cavalry and 2 infantry figures. Total figures: 397 (including including 83 cavalry) plus 4 elephant models.

The Spanish:
15 units of Scutarii in units of 22 to 24 figures each (341 figures total), 8 units of caetrati in units of 11 or 12 figures each (92 figures total), 4 x 8 figure units of Balearic slingers, 6 x 8 figure units of cavalry, and  5 command stands with a total of 9 cavalry and 2 infantry figures. Total figures: 524 (including 57 cavalry).

The Gauls:
18 x 22 figure units of warband, 10 x 8 figure units of cavalry, 4 x units each of 3 chariots (24 crew), 4 x 8 figure units of sling and bow armed skirmishers, and 6 command stands with a total of 4 cavalry, 8 infantry and 1 chariot with 2 crew. Total figures: 546 figures (including 84 cavalry) plus 13 chariot models.

Grand totals:
2122 men
324 horses
4 elephants
13 chariot models

I'm not sure, but I don't think I'll ever tackle this many figures as a single project again. By the end of it I hated every last one of the little bastards. Now that the painting is done I can relax and enjoy playing with them for the rest of my life.


BigRedBat said...

Phew, that is an astonishing achievement! I take my hat off to you, sir.

Samulus said...

Shame you hate them, if you find the emotional burden of having them around too much, I'm sure I could find a better home for them :P

Stunning, btw, both in scale and painting. (Also, this collection must have cost a fortune!)

Bluebear Jeff said...

Wow, James! That is very very impressive, sir.

-- Jeff

Monty said...

Epic in every way. I'll hoist a cold beer to you and your spectacular armies and achievement. And then maybe one more because one is not enough. Cheers!

Dalauppror said...

Very impressive !!!

best regards dalauppror

Neil Scott said...

WOW, unbelievable number of figures for one project

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Holy crapola Batman.

pancerni said...

Truly a great effort! Your are correct in the thought, they are done and for the rest of the time you want to go a Punic Wrring, they'll be at your beck and call. My friends and I have some figures on the rolls for over 40 years now.

Never gets old!

Victor said...

Holy cow! Thats a lot of figures and dedication. Great work.

DeanM said...

Dude! That is amazingly insane yet awesomely impressively. I don't think anyone can match this. Respects, Dean

Rodger said...

Astonishing work! That is a mighty army. Very very well done.

Silver Whistle said...

Wow! I salute you Sir.
It is great to see a project of this size actually finished. How many times have I tried to complete much smaller projects than this and failed and sold the stuff on. I am not sure but it looks like the table is starting to bow in the middle.

Broeders said...

Wow. Just wow! You deserve a medal for doing all that! It would be daunting in 6mm - let alone 28mm. Take a bow, sir!

Sean said...

Those are some impressive armies. I'm glad you finished them. I'm not sure that I would have the fortitude to stick with it.

Geminian said...

That is one really impressive collection of figures! Wunderbar.

foot1642 said...

brilliant and inspiring - building up my own Punic forces in 28mm too albeit the only thing I have more of is elephants (7) - if you ever need an opponent drop me a line (though I'm over on Merseyside)

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Hell's teeth that is one hell of a collection :)

WimVdB said...

That is, well, incredible, stunning, ...
Very nice collection.

Enjoy your games now!

Gonsalvo said...

A truly amazing accomplishment in every regard, James!


Prufrock said...

Awesome work! Now of course it's only a short step to wanting to do the Macedonian wars ;-)

Enjoy the gaming, you've earned it!


WarRaptor said...

Amazing stuff! Congrats on finishing it!

Óliver said...

You can't know how much I admire your determination. Maybe one day, in another life, I will be able to reach that. Maybe...

Dreaming is free!

By the way, as you can notice, the results are outstanding!
Good job!

NW Crew said...

Nothing short of fantastic!

Willie Anderson said...

Well done James a truly fantastic collection!!!!!!

Warren said...

Fantastic collection and an inspiration to complete my 15mm Carthaginian armies.

The Spanish are nearly complete.

Thank you for the push!!

steam flunky said...

You are completely up a tree without a paddle!! ;-)
Compared to a lot of us gamers i am pretty good at sticking to a project
(most of the time)and getting things finished, but you are in a completely different league. That is dedication!
Hats off to you.
Steam flunky (LAF)

Maldrac said...

This borders on insanity!! Then again, most brilliant work does ;-)