Thursday, 1 March 2012

Map moves for end 218 BC and 217 BC

The situation following the Battle of Nemausus 
Campaign card play following the battle. Scipio returns to Rome - he's been hurt and he wants his mummy.

Longus marches north to cover the north of Italy.

Hannibal wastes time foolishly around Massilia, losing a CU in the process.

218 BC draws to a close.

Truce has been played (but not enacted) so the deck is reshuffled.

Turn 2: 217 BC

Carthage recruits as standard, 2 CU in Spain for Hasdrubal, 1 CU for Hanno in Carthage, and 1 CU is given to Hannibal.

Rome recruits 5 CU in Rome. Scipio, for services rendered, is made pro-consul. The elections bring Fabius and Varro to the consulship. Varro goes to Rome to join Scipio. Fabius takes over from Longus at Faesulae.

Card play for 217 BC.

Carthage starts the turn by playing card 31. Hannibal uses it to cross the Alps (between Druentia and Taurini) taking 2CU loss attrition as he does so. Mago is left in Massilia with 1 CU.

Fabius activates on card 9 and moves to cover the soft route into Italy at Mutina.

Hannibal recruits Gallic troops on card 14.

Rome uses card 29 to gain political control of areas.

On card 62, Hannibal seeks to advance into Italy but Fabius, as is his want, tries to avoid battle until he is in Italy proper. Hannibal and Fabius will come to grips at Ariminium. Hannibal plays card 59 to reduce his enemies army and increase his own.

The map situation (above) and the CU situation (below).

The next post will be the Battle of Ariminium set up and some rules dealing with CU conversion and Leadership conversion from map to table. Peter and I discussed this last night, and we think we have come up with something a little more defined. We don't know that it will work, but we shall see.

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