Sunday, 8 July 2012

Going for the throat

The campaign continues.............. 

ROME: Scipio force marches to Bilbilis to join Marcellus (total 11 CU).

CARTHAGE: Political control re-taken in Idubeda.

ROME: Rome re-establishes political control over three spaces.

CARTHAGE: With Hannibal having control of southern Italy, and probably sparked by Scipio's defeat, Capua changes sides. Rome is threatened.

ROME: Scipio moves to Ilerda.

CARTHAGE: Hannibal builds a siege train.

ROME: Rome converts the fourth space in Idubeda - Scipio is established in Spain!

CARTHAGE: Hannibal, in fury at losing part of his birthright, marches on Rome.......................

Scrotivius writes: "Paulus, despite orders from the Senate to preserve the army [avoid battle], marched to engage the barbarian in the fertile fields south of Rome. Rome held it's breath in anticipation of  the outcome."


We have decided to set this battle in the fertile fields south of Rome. I have closed one end of the field with a river and boggy ground.

A. Paulus has 14 CU [10 + 2 allies + 2 garrison legions].

Hannibal has 11 CU [8 + 3 Italian allies].

I don't have any purpose built Roman buildings, so I've had to use some later types - but, they do have pantiled roofs at least. Here are three shots of the field. 


BigRedBat said...

Great terrain. Are those tags objective markers?

Gonsalvo said...

Hannibal attacking at an apparent disadvantage... but with the stakes very high. Should be interesting! The Mediterranean style buildings are a reasonable stand in for Roman ones, and, as usual, the table looks great, James!



no, they are terrain definition markers.

Hill reads: Type I
Fields read: Type II
Built up areas read: Type III cover.
River + bog reads: Type IV.

Type I is good going. type II is rough going. Type III is very rough going. Type IV is impassable except to swift and skirmish troops.

Terrain type has an effect on fighting capability depending on formed or skirmish, infantry or cavalry.

Cover speaks for itself.

Gunny Highway said...

Well this should be interesting. The whole ancient world (in 28mm) holds it's breath......

fireymonkeyboy said...

Oooh, this is going to be good!

ollie burkett said...

i have been following your blog since the battle of lake trasimene, and it has been a very fun read. I do have one question for you though. do you intend to try out the roman's and hannibal's decision to double up their lines? for example battles like asculum, numistro, and the second battle of herdonia?