Friday, 27 July 2012

You can't keep a good man down - the campaign continues.

The last cards of turn 6 are played.

Rome: In expectation of losing political control of four areas, Rome asserts political control over 3 areas.

Carthage: Mago sails from Carthage to reinforce Hannibal with 6 CU. After his safe arrival Hannibal moves to Bruttium.

The Situation at the end of turn 6.

Turn 7: Reinforcements were placed and consuls elected. Nero was given a second consecutive term and given command of the troops in Rome. Paulus was replaced by Longus, who was dispatched to Sicily.

Carthage: Mago returned, without troops, to Africa. Hannibal marched again on Rome. Nero managed to withdraw his army out of Rome before he arrived. The siege, even with a siege train present, is a disaster waiting to happen. A surprise assault was repulsed with loss (1 CU).........

Rome: .........and more losses (1 CU) were inflicted on the besiegers when, according to Scrotivius,

"...bad water, from poisoned wells, caused amongst the Carthaginians, a great loosening of the bowels...."

Carthage: Hannibal breaks off from his siege and attacks Nero, who successfully withdraws to Falerii. Hannibal pursues and catches him.

The situation map.


The characterisation draw - Carthage 104 MC, By Saturn and Favourable Omens (Stratagem card 10). Rome 70 MC and Wild card. The terrain in this part of Italy is hilly.

The deployments for The Battle of Faleri:


Bob Spruster said...

Looks like a nice dust-up is in the offing! But this time, don't forget to make an ofering to Melqart.

Bob Spruster said...

Looks like a nice dust-up in the offing! This time, don't forget to make an offering to Melqart.