Sunday, 7 April 2013

Italian Wars, painting update (March into April)

I have painted quite a bit of stuff since my January post. As well as the stuff pictured here, I have also painted 26 gendarmes and 16 stradiots. These had their own posts last month. Most of the figures pictured below are Foundry and Old Glory. The waggons and horses are Foundry, the barrel waggon is Hinchcliffe (?). The oxen are Front Rank. The Halberdiers are Foundry plus unknowns.

 A unit of landsknecht skirmishers.
A unit of 'generic' skirmish shot - they could Italian or Swiss.
 Another unit of 'generic' skirmish shot.
Some baggage waggons that will serve for most 'horse and musket' periods. That's why they have no crew. When I find some 16th C crew I'll put them on pennies.

The waggons are old, the teams have been repainted.

The waggon in the middle has had a tarp covered load added - using balsa blocks and miliput tarp. The one in the forground had it's tilt added a loooong time ago - I think it is glue soaked cloth over wire tilt bars.
A couple of Swiss (or early Italian) guns. I didn't have quite enough crew for them so I added a scratch built wagon as filler to one of the stands.

These figures only needed re-basing.
A unit of Swiss halberdiers.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Superlative work as usual.


el frances said...

Great job ! Fantastics colours !

warpaintjj said...

Yep you're cracking on with it alright - spectacular progress indeed!

BigRedBat said...

Very nice, James. What an army!

Tarty said...

Wonderful work, some of the best painted Old Glory figures around in your collection James.