Thursday, 4 April 2013

Novara 1513 - Battle report

Last night Peter J. (commanding the French) and Graham H. (Commanding the Milano-Swiss) fought it out at Novara. We used the forces and scenario notes detailed in the previous two posts. The battle was done and dusted from start to finish in the evenings play (just under 3 hours). It was a pretty close run thing and both players enjoyed the encounter (I don't think they were only being polite).

There need to be very few alterations to the scenario for next weeks re-fight, where Peter and Graham will switch sides. The main change, will be the reinstatement of the two French Army Characterisation Deck cards (20 more morale chips) and a change in the definition of the two Scenario cards. It was found, that the French needed a few more morale chips, and the diversionary attacks needed a focus - the French camp. Consequently, the next time we play, whenever the French player turns a Scenario card and there is a Milano-Swiss unit in the French camp, the French player will lose d6 morale chips.

I will try, in the course of the next week, write up the full scenario with historical background, OOBs, and scenario notes in a single post.

Until then, here is the report of last nights clash

Here they come! The Swiss diversionary frontal attack swiftly assault the Gascon and Navarrese infantry.
The Swiss main force pushes its skirmishers forward but, disordered by artillery, their pike square advances tardily.
The Milanese horse and Swiss diversionary attack against the French camp forces back the light troops defending it with ease.
The Swiss frontal attack develops quickly, the Gascons and Navarese are fighting well - much better than expected.
The French gendarmerie is still in Trecate having  breakfast (you can't rush your Wheetabix), arming, and getting their Planchets to pay off the local bed warmers.

At last, Wheetabix eaten, armed, and groins scratched, the Gendarmerie comes out to play.....
...and some of it wishes it hadn't bothered.
As Gascons, Navarese, and gendarmes decide to find lodgings elsewhere, the Swiss diversionary flank attack (in the background) is meeting stiff resistance....
...very stiff resistance - the Milanese horse and Swiss go down to repeated attack from French cavalry. The camp is saved!
Meanwhile, (that new unit of) Swiss halberdiers, having become isolated, launch a frontal attack out of desperation against the best France has to offer. The gendarmerie must have not been as ready as it looked - it was routed, then dragged from their horses and butchered in the streets of Trecate.

Note the French cavalry far to the rear, the battle is almost over and it has only just getting into battle order. It rolled sooooo many odd move dice that it hardly moved in the first turns!
Finally, having suffered horrendous casualties to fire from artillery and arquebus, the landsknechts and Swiss main force come to grips.
The French have been at zero morale chips for some time and the landsknechts are beaten in short order.

The battle is over. The French are beaten.


Dalauppror said...

Greate looking game !!!

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Phil said...

Very nice report with fantastic troops, colorful and great!

fireymonkeyboy said...

If they died, at least they died well-dressed.574 ble

Epictetus said...

An alternative report can be found at coupled with a review of the Robert Filliou exhibition at the Henry Moore Institute for those who like to read about something other than wargaming in wargaming blogs (you know who you are!).

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just excellent.

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Simply awesome