Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Novara 1513 - Scenario notes

Surprise attacks are always hard to recreate in miniature. Using Hell Broke Loose rules, I have taken the following steps to give the scenario some historical feel:

The initial deployment of three fifths of the French gendarmerie still billeted in the town (in type III terrain) or facing in the wrong direction will encumber the French with some difficult early moves but, as there is no turn limit to the game, they will eventually come into play.

Terrain note: The whole of Trecate, including the cobbled streets, is Type III for movement (even move roll to move) but, cover only applies within the walls of the 'town sections'.

The rest of the French force is standing-to and ready to repel the Swiss. The number of French is where, rules wise, the French have an advantage that was largely cancelled by the surprise element of the attack on them. The French should draw five cards from the Army Characterisation Deck (their force totals 71 unit integrity points), whilst the Swiss should only draw three cards (46 UI points). Consequently, I have decided to assign ACD cards and reduce the French draw by two cards to three cards and replace the lost cards with a Scenario 1 and Scenario 2 cards (see below).

The French will get 42 morale chips, no named characterisation cards, and 2 Scenario cards. The scenario cards are deck fillers and simulate surprise. They cost an initiative point to turn, and they count as an automatically lost lull (as per Lull card). They are removed immediately after they are played. The French are using a D10 Army Die and sequence deck.

The Swiss will get 38 morale chips and a Momentum March card that applies to all troops moving at the walk (which should get those pike squares moving quickly). The Swiss are using a D10 Army Die with a D10* sequence deck.

Although I want this game to feel like a surprise attack I am hoping that my scenario notes will give a good and fairly well balanced game. Historically, Novara, after their initial advance under murderous artillery fire, was a Swiss walkover - and we can't have that (LOL), a Swiss walkover just isn't cricket.

Other Terrain Definition:
 The camp is Type II.
 The Marsh is Type II.
The wood is Type II.

Note the additional, newly painted, Swiss halberdier unit. Although not mentioned in any of my books, they are painted and they are going to fight. It's the law!

(The basing will be finished before kick off.)

BTW. Not sure about the font; your opinion on this font?


Hendrid said...

The Novara batrep is building up the suspense nicely so far, all very interesting.

I quite liker the different font, I find the more modern fonts much easier on the on screen eye.

warpaintjj said...

Also really enjoying this one. Please can you explain how you rendered the buildings as I am about to start something similar but the render eludes me!
Best wishes


The render is Daler-Rowney artists acrylic - the stuff out of a tube - applied with a stiff bristled brush. It is very sticky, can be applied in a thinish coat, and doesn't chip.

warpaintjj said...

Thanks James - I'll get some.
Be good,