Wednesday, 26 June 2013

15th Panzer Division 1941 1:5 scale

This lunchtime I checked my unpainted German lead pile to make sure that I have everything I need for 15th Panzer Division at the start of Operation Crusader in November 1941. Refighting Operation Crusader as a campaign is the ultimate aim of this collection, and units from this formation will provide the bulk of the German units needed. I will probably field one or two Regimental battlegroups on table at the same time.

I have fudged one or two issues so that the units are better suited to the rules I'm using. The most important organisational change is the extra Pz II company. My companies shoot as units, not as individual tanks, and count as a single target; this means that the tactical flank protection role of the Pz II platoons is rather lost. By organising them as a separate unit (stripping them out of the Pz III and Pz IV companies) their tactical function becomes relevant again - though they provide it to the whole battalion rather than their company. It is companies playing at platoon scale. The number of tanks is right overall.

Splitting the armoured cars for the Aufklarungs Battalion into 3 rather than 5 platoons is neither here nor there to me. The armoured car screen generally operated in widely spaced adhoc groups of cars with attached assets from the battalion. The whole organisation seems to have been quite fluid. 

Likewise, creating a separate company of Sdkfz 251 mounted MMGs rather than having 1 Sdkfz 251 per company also makes sense. The unit has the right number of companies and the number of MMG stands remains unchanged. This unit contains the only hole in the inventory - I am 3 deployed MMGs short, but I can't imagine player's taking them out of their Sdkfz 251 anyway (we shall see!).

I've also neglected to include many logistical and administration elements - I did this to lessen the cost (especially in lorries) and keep the table, in what will be quite large actions, uncluttered.

Anyway, MMGs and one or two battalion command stands (which will not be required in practise) aside, I have everything to field all of 15th Panzer at the same time - though I might need a bigger table (and a bigger house to put it in!).

Here is my Divisional organisation. It generally follows the OOB found in Command Decision's Benghazi Handicap by Frank Chadwick. 

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