Saturday, 22 June 2013

Looking Foxy

This past week, I've taken time away from painting my 28mm stuff. I have decided to paint some bits and pieces from my 15mm World War Two lead pile. It is in need of some serious brush attention. I have painted virtually no German infantry up to now, and Rommel has been perched, unpainted on that armoured command vehicle for over a year.

Aswell as my 'German High Level Command Stand' I plumbed for painting up 200th Schutzen Regiment for 15th Panzer Division. Most of it still needs basing.

200th Schutzen comprises 15th Kradschutzen (motorcycle) Battalion, 2nd Machine Gun Battalion, and two Regimental elements. There are two fudges.

The first is a collection wide compromise: Instead of having three trucks to move infantry elements I have decided to use just two (when the collection is finished I will have over 80 trucks painted and will be able to 'upgrade', but until then......).  

The second compromise is organisational. 2nd MG should have three companies of MGs each with one platoon in SdKfz 251. This does not really work at the level I play my games, so I have reorganised the three SdKfz 251s into their own company.
Regimental HQ stand and the regimental artillery - a Sig33 representing 707th IG Coy. This SPG is one of my all time favourite vehicles: It is a pity that only 12 were ever built; it is fortunate they all went to Africa. 
 The heavy company (5cm PaK38 and a medium mortar) and command stand for 2nd MG Btn.
 Two companies of truck bourne medium machine guns.
One company of medium machine guns in SdKfz 251. I might add three dismounted MGs and crew at some point in the future.
 15th Kradschutzen Btn. command stand and heavy company (3.7cm PaK36 and a 7.5cm IG).
 One of three motorcycle companies each comprising seven motorcycle combinations and fifteen dismounted panzergrenadiers well equipped with light machine guns.
 There's that man again. The Mammoth's paint scheme was taken from Tank Power vol. 295 Rommel's Tanks. Although the main text is in Polish, the one hundred and one superb plate captions are in English and Polish (recommended). Note that I have added an open roof hatch for the radio operator.
Some of Rommel's staff discuss dinner. Note that I have added an open side door.

Next up - I have a 25pdr regiment and some 2pdr portees to finish.


Fire at Will said...

Excellent selection, must get around to finishing off my 20mm collection

BigRedBat said...

Looking great! Love the Mammut.

MarkG said...

Superb! Cannot say more.

Phil said...

Excellent work, no doubt!