Thursday, 20 November 2014

Last night's action at Mochkirch.

Last night the action continued at Mochkirch. The fighting intensified as the night went on and the session ended with all of the Prussians having arrived and the Russians being sorely pressed in their centre and centre right (on the hill). Anyway, here are a few shots of the game.

The Prussian attack to the right of Mochkirk is developing - in the background more Prussian infantry are hurrying to the sound of the guns.
On the left of Mochkirch the Russians begin to move forward to support their hard pressed centre. 
On the right of Mochkirch the Prussian reserves move forward with alacrity to relieve pressure on the Prussian cavalry that are being murdered by the Russians on the other side of the hill.
Here's a shot of the Prussian cavalry, depleted in number and held off by the Russian infantry which, in turn, are now being attacked from both sides. Just in the nick of time, as they say.
Prussians, Prussians everywhere. The Russians race to form a line.
A local Russian counter attack goes in.

Purple beaded units, like these Russian grenadiers, are scary. They are Up2 for everything.
It partly succeeds.

Purple beaded or not, rubbish dice rolling is rubbish dice rolling - Graham is sickened.
The Russains form line to the left of Mochkirch to face the Hunfun.
The Prussians are now attacking in a co-ordinated fashion against little opposition to the right of Mochkirch.
As the Russians pile up to the left of Mochkirch to face one lot of Prussians......

Can you see whats coming - very top left of shot.
Another lot, turn up on their flank. The scene is set for a glorious blood bath. 

Well, those are shots of most of the action, though there were small scrimmages elsewhere on the periphery.

We will fight the action to conclusion next week. Both sides still have around 20 morale points each. 

The Russians have lost 15 units and officers; the Prussians have lost 9.


Sgt Steiner said...

More excellent gaming

Gonsalvo said...

Eye candy at its tastiest! :-)

DeanM said...

Great looking game with marvelous looking figures.

mina jack said...

very goodddddd.......