Tuesday, 4 May 2010

The face of Hannibal

The face of Hannibal

Stage one of the painting project is now complete. I have enough figures to play a reduced scale Trebbia. Here are the latest additions. Command stands, Spanish cavalry and Numidian cavalry. All told these do not make up the quota of 80, just 64 figures - but 62 are cavalry and that is some consolation, as is basing up over 320 Romans. I'll base up the 400+ Carthaginians over the next week so that I can set up Trebbia next Wednesday

Three command stands.

32 Spanish cavalry.

24 Numidians.

Figures are by Renegade and Crusader(?). Al are painted in enamels. Shield transfers are by LBM.


Jim Wright said...

I probably missed this somewhere in your Punic War Project stuff, but what rules are you going to use?




Hi Jim,

I am, as usual, writing my own period specific set. Three sets infact. All are based on mechanisms found in commercially available rules.

Firstly, a relatively complex set based on FoB / Ager Sanguinis. These should resolve a 40 unit a side battle in 4 to 6 hours (2 evening's play). They will attempt to model most major aspects of Punic War tactics, formations and weapons interraction.

Secondly, a fast and furious quick play set based on the Command and Colours boardgame. This will be a simple set of rules that will aim at the feel of a Punic Wars battle without getting bogged down in the detail. It will be hex-less. I want them to decide a 40 unit a side game in 3 - 4 hours (one evening's play).

Thirdly, a campaign set of rules for fighting the 2nd Punic War on land and sea. These are germinating at present. I have not decided on the main issue yet - how many sides. Although I will have enough troops for Spain and the Celts to be players, and can borrow lots of Greek types for two more, I think making these 'nations' non-player states would be easier / better. I will probably use a system similar to the one I'm using for my Crusades campaign - which will be in the June edition of Miniature Wargames, if you are interrested.

BTW, the naval aspect will be governed by my 'Fleet of Battle' rule set (based on FoB mechs). This is with Wargames Illustrated at the moment; though I have not heard back from them for a while there is a plan to publish.


Anonymous said...

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Jim Wright said...

Hi James,

Three sets of rules!

You, sir, are a brave man.

It will interesting to see how they develop.

Thanks for the quick answer.