Monday, 10 May 2010

Trebbia OOB

Roman OOB
Velites: 4 x 12 man units
Hastati: 4 x 24 man units
Principes: 4 x 24 man units
Triarii: 4 x 12 man units
Cavalry: 4 x 8 man units

Total: 320 figures + command

Carthaginian OOB
Hannibal, Hanno and Mago
Libyan phalanx: 2 x 24 man units
Spanish scutarii: 2 x 24 man units
Spanish catrati: 1 x 12 man unit
Gallic warbands: 4 x 22 man units
African skirmishers: 4 x 8 man units
Balearic slingers: 2 x 8 man units
Spanish cavalry: 4 x 8 man units
Gallic cavalry: 4 x 8 man units
Numidian cavalry: 3 x 8 man units

Total 332 figures

There are, due to this being at reduced scale, some discrepancies with numbers. Proportionately, there should be a few more Spanish and Libyans and there should be slightly more Romans than Carthaginians. When the battle is played at full scale (roughly twice as many figures) these descrepancies will iron themselves out.

We will play out the battle on Wednesday night using re-jigged, hexless, Command and Colours rules. If the changes work out, including rules for manipular formations, command groups, etc., I'll make the bones available by email attachment - more annon.

My wooden Command and Colours dice arrived from Canada this morning and I can't wait to throw them in anger.


Caliban said...

Hi James, thanks for the scenario details; another one to try out!


BigRedBat said...

I forgot you are C&Cing; I wait with interest to see how it goes without the hexes. A chap in Japan plays it that way, too.

I'm often tempted to play it on a square grid...



Or offset (oblong hexes) squared grid?

see map here:


That link didn't link. See map under Isle of Fob Campaign label.

BigRedBat said...

Hi James, no I've been thinking about a regular, square grid. That would change the mechanics a lot (no ganging up 2 units vs 1, and support), but might suit ancient battles which were often very linear.

Units would have to slog it out with the single enemy they were facing.

Anonymous said...

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