Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Ager Sanguinis - campaign rules

This month's (June) edition of Miniature Wargames carries the final installment of the Ager Sanguinis series of articles: Campaign rules. The article has a complete system for fighting a campaign using Ager Sanguinis (but this is easily adaptable to most rules and pre-gunpowder periods). For those without the time to set up their own campaign, the article has a campaign (including map) to get you started straight away. The article (as per other Ager Sanguinis articles) is a 12 page adverisement free centre fold pull out – the map being the A3 (double A4?) 'true' centre fold.

Anyway, as I say, this is the final installment. I've enjoyed developing and writing Ager Sanguinis very much. I hope you have had some enjoyment reading them, and perhaps at the very least, given you food for thought.

I would like to thank Peter and the Ilkley Lads for all their help in the development of the Ager Sanguinis project. I would Like to thank Andrew and the Miniature Wargames team; who did such a great job at the production end.

But, most of all, thanks to Brent Oman of Piquet Inc. The backbone of Ager Sanguinis is Field of Battle and Theatre of War (by Brent). I wrote Ager Sanguinis for myself and the Ilkley Lads; without his kind permission they could not have been published by Minature Wargames. Sincerely, Brent, thank you.


James Roach

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