Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Battalion becomes Regiment

I have now finished the first 'tactical unit' for Afrika Korps. The following photos show the panzer regiment (8th of 15th Panzer, or 5th of 21st Panzer) at a scale of 1:5 (approx). The photos show it in historical companies, though I still intend to use my 'battalion / company' hybrid on the table http://olicanalad.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/one-becomes-battalion.html

I'm quite happy with this so far. Next, I intend to add the units that can make this 'Group Cramer' of 15th Panzer Division. This comprised 8th Panzer Regiment, I/33rd Artillery (10.5cm), one battery of III/33rd (15cm), one company of 33rd AT Battalion (mixed 3.7cm and 5cm battery), one company of 33rd Engineer Battalion (armoured infantry), and one battery of 8.8cm Flak from I/33rd Flak.

The Panzer Regiment 
The Regimental command stand. My Regimental command stands have two vehicles on a base, 90mm round. 
The same stand from the other side. Command stands give me the opportunity to use vehicles that would not otherwise feature (in this case a radio Sdkfz 250)- a Regiment commanded by a single vehicle does not show due respect. 
New Panzer IIIs 
Panzer IVs and that truck to make up the 'table unit' numbers. 
These resin trucks (cast on a base) make trucks affordable - well kinda.

All vehicles are Battlefront FoW. All are painted with enamels and acrylic ink.


pancerni said...

Looking good!

Monty said...

Fantastic work James, great blog too; very impressive setup you've got there all round.

BigRedBat said...

Very nice painting and basing, James

Dan said...

Brilliant stuff, they really look good.

Steve's Wargame Stuff said...

They look great!

Gunny Highway said...

Just curious on how you use the acrylic inks for shading. Do you use it at full strength, do you wipe off excess, etc. Looked up your painting figure piece in your blog. Just curious want to emulate your technique,



Hi Gunny,

I was planning to do a 'how I'.

I'll probably do it when I start doing the Infantry Regt., because it's probably easier to show on trucks.

Be warned though, it's a very pfaffy way of doing it. It is not an easy way; it is not very quick.

Gunny Highway said...


That's ok, this isn't a hobby that's for the "1,2,3,I'm done crowd"! Seriously, it would be worth it to know your trade secret on shading, as I think the comments on your blog suggests!