Friday, 10 August 2012

10.5cm leFH18 battalion

The first of two German 10.5cm artillery battalions for the Western Desert 1941.
The battalion comprises 3 'firing' batteries of 10.5cm leFH18s.
This model, by Battlefront FoW, is a lovely little model. I have painted the crew (x7) in German tropical uniforms. These are variously described as light olive or sage in colour.

Each crew includes a radio team.
Each gun has a Sdkfz 11 prime mover.
The Battalion HQ is represented with a Steyr Kfz 70 four wheel drive and a clutch of officers in discussion.
The battalion also has an observer element of a small observation team with a radio and Horch Kfz 15 car.
Next up, an Anti-tank company, a 15cm battery, and an armoured pioneer company - all well underway.


scotty said...

Excellent paintwork

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Outstanding shading on the figures and the vehicles/guns.

pancerni said...

Very nice painting.

Dalauppror said...

Lovely work !!!

Best regards Michael