Wednesday, 29 August 2012

And the punches keep on coming!

The situation map after the Battle of Faleri 209 BC. During the next two years a lull ensued. During the lull both sides sought to gain advantage through diplomacy and sneaky tricks until.............

Rome: Card 57: Hannibal councils Carthage - No troops may leave Africa until after the next reshuffle. 

Carthage: Card 49: Hannibal moves to Paestium.

Rome: Card 21: Mercenaries desert - Hannibal loses 1 CU.

Carthage: Card 13: Hannibal recruits 2 CU in Bruttium.

Rome: Card 53: Nero moves to Rome.

Carthage: Card 36: Diplomacy in Spain - Rome no longer has possessions south of Idubeda.

Rome: Card 12: Assert political control over 2 areas.

Carthage: Card 12: Assert political control over 2 areas.

Rome: Card 43: Rome raises slave legions, promising freedom for service.

Carthage: Card 17: Assert political control over 1 area.

Rome: Card 7: Nero gathers the strength of Rome. He marches south and brings Hannibal to battle on a plain near Paestium.

Rome musters 12 CU, Carthage musters 9 CU.  

  The situation at the end of the map phase - Summer 207 BC. Rome, it would seem, is insistent that Hannibal should leave Italy.


fireymonkeyboy said...

I really enjoy these campaign posts. Are the campaign mechanics totally home brew, or were they based on something else?



The campaign is straight "Hannibal - Rome Vs Carthage" currently produced by Valley Games (I believe it is an old game that has gone through a few reincarnations). The only thing we have bolted on is the board game to table-top and back again mechanics.

The map (which might be throwing you) is one that someone put on the net - I belive it is home produced one using the original as a pattern. Having bought the game, (for the card stock) I didn't want to stick pins in my beautiful pucker copy so I printed this one off.

We have a few other house rules, but these are down to taste, such as Carthaginian generals being able to travel by sea, providing they do not take CU, without testing on the naval losses table - they travel on the very fastest ships!

Gunny Highway said...

This is getting to be a real nail biter! This is one of the few times Mr. Barca has been at a army point disadvantage,IIRC. Looking forward to the battle!


moosoid said...

Hi James

A question about your (beautifully painted) miniatures - the majority I seem to recall are by Renegade. Is this on the basis of historicity, price, or just personal preference? I've read some mixed things about their proportions (e.g., oversized heads, Gauls with swords like cricket bats), and plastics by Warlord would seem to be more economical. Or are you just a traditionalist like me who prefers the weight and feel of metal?




Renegade were my choice because they were doing their unit packs at half price plus buy 4 get 1 free.

The proportions are OK, and they have a certain brutish charm. My only reservations are their size - they are giants! - and the size of Gallic swords. I can live with both.

Plastic would have been cheaper still (2000+ metal figs are expensive even at 50p each) but I'm not buying plastics until they ban lead tin alloy in the EU - perhaps not even then. I concur, it's a weight thing.