Monday, 13 August 2012

Armoured pioneer company and anti-tank company

An Armoured Pioneer Company. Three stands of pioneers plus three stands of SdKfz 251 halftracks. Although it will make little (no) difference in my rules, one of the three Sdkfz 251s is armed with a 3.7cm; the others are armed with MGs.

The anti-tank company is a mixed battery of 3.7cm and 5cm PaK with SdKfz 10 prime movers.

Next up is an armoured recon battalion.


Keith Flint said...

Lovely work as usual. Looking forward to seeing some WW2 game reports!


p.s. the word verification for getting comments on this blog is very tough. Found it very hard to make out the characters and it took me more than one attempt.


Thanks K for your kind words......

....Sorry K, can't help the verification thing. It's out of my control because it is part of 'blogger'.

I used to let comments in unmoderated, but I kept getting comments in chinese - and woe betide anyone clicking one.

So now I do moderated comments but let all through if they are from 'pucker' people. I don't censor any negative comments (though up to now they have been very rare and not that negative).

Your comment is not negative. It is informative. Thanks but, again, it's out of my control.

Best Ragards,