Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Marignano solo - turn 3

As the Swiss pressed forward Francis saw an opportunity to bring them to a halt by bringing his Gendarmes onto their flank.

At the entrenchments the final heavy artillery was overcome and the Swiss crossed the ditch with minimal losses. 

Meanwhile the Landsknechts were dispatching some Swiss arquebus that ventured too close to their hedgehog of pikes.

In the centre, the Swiss and Landsknecht pike squares come to grips and the Landsknechts get the better of the early fighting.
On the other side of the field, Francis ordered a charge and his Gendarmes crashed into the exposed flank of a Swiss square, causing considerable alarm and casualties.
The melee was hard fought, but the loss of momentum eventually caused the flank attack to be repulsed. 

This is the way it must be - the French must hurl themselves at the Swiss at any cost, for the French this is a numbers game.
Back the centre the Swiss and Landsknechts fight with murderous fury. The melee goes back and forth but, gradually,the Swiss begin to get the upper hand.

The other Landsknecht pike square is also suffereing. It is peppered with arquebus fire and, when the occasional gap allows, artillery fire from beyond the ditch. At this rate it will be spent before they come to grips...
...At last, the target these Landsknechts have been waiting for crosses the ditch.
But, turn 3 is a short turn because the turn ends half way through on a tied initiative roll! 

The Landsknechts must wait.

Turn four coming soon.....


Phil said...

Simply magic!

Steve J. said...

Looking wonderful and the action is developing nicely. Looking forward to Turn 4.

Phil C said...

awesome display of figures and game!

Merry Xmas and a Happy safe New Year!


Hendrid said...

Enjoying the spectacle so far l9k forward to the next episode :-)