Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Solo Zorndorf part 2.

Turn 2.

This turn will see the Russians getting most of the initiative but the Prussians seeming to do more with the little they get. By the turn's end the battle is, to my mind, beginning to take a very different course to its historical counterpart.

The Russians begin to reform their shattered right wing into new lines in the face of Prussian fire. Slowly but surely the steady rate of the Prussian volleys begins to tell.

The Russians get some big initiative swings but the Prussians have an extra 'Muskets Reload' card in their deck, not to mention a 'Brilliant Leader (Wild)' card.
The confusion of the right is too much for Fermor to bare. He is in fear of Frederick's [supposed] genius and concludes the battle is already lost. He cannot allow himself to be captured, after all, someone must relay the dreadful news of defeat to the Empress - and shouldn't it be him?

Historically Fermor left the field early in the battle on some 'very important business' elsewhere. In the game, this must be a military possibility. I have added a "Merde" card to the Russian deck. When it is turned, if his army has lost more units than the enemy, Fermor must roll greater than the turn number on d20 or flee the field. It is turn 2 - and, guess what!
The general situation mid way through turn 2. 

The Russians are reforming their right.

Kanitz is pressing his attack both sides of the Galgen-Grund (partially supporting Manteuffel) to the Stein Busch.

Malachowski's heroic hussars have stalled.
It is time for Marschall's regiments of Dragoons to ride to support.

No special card is required to activate these off table reserves because they are deployed immediately behind Manteuffel and Kanitz with no intervening rough terrain to prevent them being brought forward normally on cavalry move cards.
Kanitz's command exchanges vollies with the Russians deployed between the Stein Busch and the Galgen-Grund. The shooting, by both sides, is indecisive.
Dohna advances. 

Kanitz has penetrated the Stein Busch. This activates Dohna's command.
Seydlitz recrosses the Zabern-Grund somewhere behind the Prussian infantry and advances in their support. 

Historically Seydlitz shifted his command from the left bank of the Zabern-Grund to the right bank some distance behind the advancing Prussian infantry. This manoeuvre took some time to complete. Seydlitz's command can activate at any time if it proceeds on the left bank of the Zabern Grund on 'Cavalry Move' cards. If it awaits special activation (requiring an 'Other Difficulty' check on the 'Special A' card) it can deploy and move to the right of the Zabern Grund. Waiting for this card might pay off, or it might not - the Prussians failed to turn this card on turn one, on turn two they turned it and just passed the 'Other Difficulty' check.
The general situation at the end of turn 2.

The whole of the Prussian army is activated and most of it is advancing on the Russians. Only Schorlemer's cavalry (on the Prussian right - in the far distance) is holding back.

On the Russian right the Russians are just about holding their own and Manteuffel's dwindling command is under severe pressure; Seydlitz's heavy cavalry, now beyond the Fuchsberg, is riding to Manteuffel's aid.

Marschall's dragoons are advancing in a 'column of regiments' towards the gap between the Galgen-Grund and Steinbusch where the Russians are giving as good as they get.
Indeed, the fight in this gap could go either way.

I think that the Russians might completely lose their position between the Galgen-Grund and Zabern-Grund. The Prussians have done much better than they did historically. This was down to three things conspiring against the Russians: Much better Prussian musketry rolls; the inability of the Russians to rally because the 'Pillage and Loot' card appeared on both turns at bad moments; the charge Malachowski's hussars with back to back 'Move in Difficult Terrain' cards disrupted the Russian reserve lines before they had time to empty a few saddles - in past games, the hussars have got caught mid charge with a few deadly volleys.


M. C. Monkey-Dew said...

All very splendid!

"C'est Magnifique" as Frederick may have quipped! :)

Sgt Steiner said...

Super duper
Really love your flags very dynamic

Gonsalvo said...

Such a visual treat, and some cool special rules!

pancerni said...

Very nice crafting of special events for the battle by using the cards for specific events. Beautiful tableaux as well!