Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Solo Zorndorf turn 3

It's my Birthday today and I decided to spend it on battles. 

For a treat I went to Leeds with my wife and son, had lunch, and then went on to watch The Battle of Five Armies - my wife fell asleep mid way through, my 8 year old son grinned and said "cool" a lot, I wondered about the endless possibilities when it came to 'ways to kill an orc' - though, to be fair, the film covered most of the bases. 

When I got home I opened a beer and disappeared to play out the rest of turn three - which I started yesterday.

The turn has proved to be an interesting one. My opinion on what might happen proved correct but, not quite in the way I thought. The Prussians will end the turn in the ascendancy. However, the Russians are far from finished - they are a very tough nut to crack and their deployment is, basically, solid.

Left of the Galgen-Grund the Russians begin to redeploy to face the possible collapse of their right flank. Having two full lines, with a partial middle line of reserve grenadiers, allows this without too much thinning - a precautionary measure, you understand.
Certainly their position here is precarious. But, not everything is going the way of the Prussians and, after a vicious fire fight and a gallant charge by Gaugrebens cuirassier and horse grenadiers both sides have taken significant losses.

Then Seydlitz's cavalry launch an almost fanatical charge into the Russians. They must: They only have Seydlitz left to save the day.
The progress of his cavalry is a 'Hohenfrieberg' to behold. Smashing the first line of infantry aside and halting the enemy cavalry in its tracks.... 
 ...Seydlitz's troopers swing onto the flanks of the hapless and isolated Russians.
In moments it is finished, and the remnants of the Russian right now number just three regiments.
To make matters worse, Frederick, has been rallying the remnants of Manteuffels command as they retreated to safety. He is now personally leading them back into the fray. 

Finding encouragement in the success of their comrades, the remaining Prussian infantry renew their attack. Manteuffel's grenadiers pour in volleys of musketry to disorder the Russian infantry in preparation for a cavalry charge - the volleys are devastating - no charge will be needed against these Russian Grenadiers as they melt away.

The Prussians have managed to rally back a lot of lost casualty markers (in a manner similar to FoB). This new house rule has added considerable staying power to units lucky enough to rally.
The situation on the Russain right now looks hopeless - 'two green bottles standing on the wall....'
Meanwhile, Dohna's infantry have advanced and Demiku's cavalry have gone forward to out flank them.

Schorlemer's cavalry has not yet advanced. I felt sure that they would have time to do so if Demiku moved, but Dohna's attack has gone in much faster than I expected. As far as the Prussians are concerned, I've made a mistake.
Dohna is in the Stein Busch. He is in position for a joint assault [with Kanitz] of the Russian centre.

My question here is, should the Prussians delay and await cavalry support from beyond the Galgen-Grund, perhaps giving time to the Russians to organise - inviting a counter attack - or should they press on? 
Everything is set for the climax. It may come next turn, possibly the turn after. Both sides still have a lot of morale chips.

Happy New Year!


Sgt Steiner said...

You are killing me with these pics !!!!

Phil Robinson said...

A grand spectacle SYW as it should be done.
Happy Birthday

Der Alte Fritz said...

Press the attack and keep the Russians on the run. Bring the Prussian artillery forward and pound the kink in the RUSSIAN line.

Brent said...

Beautiful as always, James!

Happy Birthday!

Prufrock said...

Superb, as always. And happy birthday! All the best to you for 2015.

Gonsalvo said...

Wonderful spectacle. Happy Birthday and Happy New Year, James!

pancerni said...

Happy Birthday, great looking game, a wonderful showcase for playing a game solo.

My wife missed Galadriel as a badass as that is the scene she slept through!

My granddaughter of six asked why " do all the young ones got killed?" Kili's death scene had her older (eight) sister in tears.

Oh, please press the attack. You know you want to finish in a glorious fashion.

Carlo said...

These are beautiful figures on a great table in a superb room. James, I like this blog a heck of a lot!!

Phil said...

Each of your posts are most impressive! Great pictures...I'm late but happy birthday...and Happy New Year!

World2Dave said...

Looking good! Happy birthday and New Year!