Sunday, 8 July 2018

An unusual item FOR SALE.

The mould for an ancient transport / merchant ship.


Over the years I have collected a few 1:600 Xyston galleys for playing ancient naval games. In fact, I've collected this lot. 

However, like a lot of gamers I baulk at spending money on the things that don't actually fight. In this case it was transport / merchant ships which, although very useful for scenarios, and essential for re-fighting some historical battles, are quite pricey at £7.00 each. But, you do need them eventually, and you can see mine in this shot (top right). 

Only two of my transports are Xyston models, which Dan F. of Wargames Illustrated gave to me (with a small fleet of painted triremes) for hosting an ancient naval photo shoot for the magazine. The rest are home made, like the one pictured above. 

I made a master and a mould some time ago, and then I cast ten hulls (three still to paint). I did a post on it at the time. (If you need a 'how to').

Having made the transports I need, I want to pass on the mould. It comes complete with the master, so there can be no doubt that this is a kosher model without copyright issues. It doesn't come with sails but anyone who collects Xyston ships will have an abundance of spare sails because you get two sets (furled and unfurled) with every model you buy.

So, how much do I want for this unusual item? 

I'm asking just £25 including postage (in U.K.).  Payment accepted by BACS or Pay Pal.

You can cast a dozen or so for yourself by melting down some scrap metal (or plumbers solder) then sell the mould on to someone else. It should prove to be a zero sum purchase in the long run.

If you are interested, email me at:

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L'Empereur Zoom13 said...

Your fleet is very impressive !
And the water is very nice !