Thursday, 5 July 2018

League of Gentlemen Wargamers SYW

Last month Mark D. and I wended our way up to Merry Old Scotland to do battle with the League of Gentleman Wargamers. The theme for the weekend was, apart from drinking, eating and general merrymaking, the Seven Years War.

The multi-table campaign scenario was devised and umpired by Charles Grant. With some amendments, the rules were The Wargame by Charles Grant senior. These, I'm reliably informed, are not 'Old School' rules; they are 'Traditional'. The game was brilliantly organised by Charles and everything went very smoothly.

The game, involving a dozen players and several thousand figures. It lasted from first thing Saturday morning until pack up on Sunday. 

My mission, with my dutiful subordinate Peter N., was to march my Russians westward to aid my allies (Prussians and British / Hannovarians) against the combined might of the French, Austrian and Reichsarmee. My efforts were intolerably delayed by the interventions made by the French under Kevin C. and John D., and I failed miserably.

Can't wait for the next LOGW meeting - it's 1066 and all that!

Special thanks to Steve R. for putting Mark and I up for the weekend. Also to John D. who walked us through the rules, and acted as 'factor totter' at our end of the room for the entire weekend.

Anyway, some shots of the action on the various tables.


Colin Ashton said...

Great report. Angus looks very cheerful.

pancerni said...

Great aar looks like a fun game, Always enjoy Charge!

Jonathan Freitag said...

Stunning spectacle.

Gonsalvo said...

I can only imagine how long it takes to set up something like this, having the experience of doing both our multi table, multi player Snappy Nappy games,m and big convention games.