Monday, 26 October 2009

Ager Sanguinis is finished - Armies of Islam Lists are out now.

The 'Saracen' army lists for Ager Sanguinis are in the November 09 issue (#319) of Miniature Wargames. They include lists for the Seljuks of the northern areas (Rum, Mosul, etc.), the Seljuks of the south (Damascus, etc.) and the Fatimids.

Thus, the series of articles, all of which come full page and advertisement free is finished. The format allows for all 20 pages to be taken from the magazines to form an uninterrupted rule book with cover page.

To recap:
Ager Sanguinis Rules (MW issue 309, January 09) 12 pages.
Crusader army lists (MW issue 311, March 09) 4 pages.
Armies of Islam (MW issue 319, November 09) 4 pages.
I hope you have enjoyed the articles and playing the rules. If this was not your period of interest, I hope the Piquet style mechanisms gave food for thought.
A big thank you to all who corresponded with questions, ideas and encouragement!
James Roach - Olicanalad


Anonymous said...


Any chance for the rules to be published (or e-published) outside of MW? Given your battle reports, sounds fun!


Hi mtf- etc.

If you are a member of one of the following Yahoo groups:

Shattered Lances

I think you can download them from the group's files section as a plain MS Word document. Look through the files posted by olicanalads.


Giles said...

I downloaded the rules from Shattered Lances - very easy to do. Although I'm thinking of ordering the hard copy MW issues anyway, to have them in colour with the nice piccies. My quyandary at the moment is whether to base the figures up using James' large sizes, or go for a more standard WAB-ish size.