Thursday, 8 October 2009

New Soldier Storage

Although I am very lucky to have a dedicated wargames room of a very good size (18' x 15' at its longest / widest) I still suffer from the perennial problem of storage room. Indeed, in the case figure storage, I was almost maxed out. Knowing this I had been thinking of various ways around the problem for some time - adding shelves to existing book cases, putting doors on them and putting a high shelf around my room to rehouse the evicted books, etc.

Then I came across the CD storage cabinets - a solution I had not thought of - on offer at Argos (see above) which had been reduced from £60 to £40 each. I quickly threw out all my existing ideas, measured my walls, and bought six cabinets sight unseen (risky!). From memory the dimensions are: Overall 51cm wide, 128 tall, 24 deep, weight 40lbs. The eight shelves, including the bottom - and this was the gamble as their dimensions were not stated - are just under 48cm wide and are 15cm deep. The door 'glass' is acrylic with a vertical lined pattern; I would have liked a clear plain finish but, at the cabinet price, I'm happy enough. The Argos catalogue number is 875/2570.

They are intended to be placed on the floor, but I wanted them mounted on the wall so that I could still open the doors of the kitchen base units that support my table. I popped down to my local DIY shop and bought enough brackets (3 per unit), some retaining brackets (? metal plates with holes in to tie the tops of the cabinets to the wall) and enough 4" screws and plugs to bolt everything in place. The wall mounting is somewhat over engineered, but considering the value of the contents (the free time I've invested painting more than anything) I figure it is better safe than sorry.

I like the results very much and offer this post as a possible solution to any storage problems you might have.


tidders said...

great storage idea; thanks for sharing the info

-- Allan

Dogui said...

Very nice. Need to get my figures off the boxes and into something similar in the near future.

Bluebear Jeff said...

I love the number of shelves. Very nice, sir.

-- Jeff

Coyote said...

Looks great! Maybe be perfect for me.