Thursday, 22 October 2009

Contemplating my naval.

Here are some shots of an ancient naval battle that Peter J. and I are currently waging - Rome Vs Successor State. The models are from my growing collection of 1:600 ships by Xyston. The rules have the working title Fleet of Battle and like Ager Sanguinis have their root in Piquet's Field of Battle by Brent Oman. The rules have been on and off the burner for a few years in various guises and have now reached the 'mechanics finished' stage of development and give a very good game. I am in the early discussion stages (I'm hopeful but no promises) of making them widely available in a complete form - I will keep you informed if anything comes of them.

The beads of various types display navy and squadron (black/red striped white, A, B, C, etc.), yellow spots are squadron flagships, green spots indicate that the vessel is mounting large catapults, red beads are hull damage, white beads indicate crew/morale loss and black beads indicate that the ship is holed, the sea coins show ships are locked together; this naval game does not require roster sheets of any kind - which is unusual for naval games - and allows everything to be determined at a glance, which speeds up play.

Peter and I are taking this game to Fiasco (Royal Armouries, Leeds, W. Yorks) on Sunday 1st November 09, so if you are passing say hi. If you want to give the rules a bash you are welcome to take control of a squadron for a turn or two.


BigRedBat said...

Looks stunning!

Consul said...

I'm currently in Leeds. What's Fiasco?


Hi Consul,

Leeds Wargames show. Pretty good one.

Consul said...

I guess i'll see you there then!

Takes care.

Phil Hendry said...

Hi James,

Good to meet you yesterday. The ships game looks even better 'in the flesh' than it does in photos, despite the poor lighting at the Armouries.

I came away from the show with a copy of the Piquet Master Rules and the Archon II supplement. I've started reading it - so far so good! Will be in touch.