Monday, 19 October 2009

The daunting stage

OK, so I've started painting the figures for my Punic Wars collection. The first 100 or so Romans are finished (less basing) and another 100 or so are very near complete. These are my principes (pictured) and my hastati for the four Roman legions - it will be the same for the allies and I have not started the velites, triarii and cavalry. Then it will be similar for the Gauls, Spanish and African / Carthaginians. Almost all will be Renegade figures.

But, oh my................ Almost 200 down and hardly a dent in that pile of lead; sitting like an elephant in the room - I can feel it watching me. It is the way I start all my projects. Research it all - buy it all - paint and base it all.

It is all bagged into batches of 48 (double units) or so for painting. This is what I refer to as the daunting stage of my projects. I have been here before and know that in a year's time the pile will only be half as big and I'll be gaming with the rest. But even so, 'dead' lead still has the power to over awe me. I must keep repeating to myself -
"I've done it before! I've done it before!"
and -
"It's all down hill after the first 1000!"


Ed said...




I wish I had HALF...nay...a QUARTER of your discipline to do all this.

Wonderful job on your toys, your room, and your blog.


Consul said...

I can safely say these are the best looking Romans i've ever seen! Incredible. I wish I had the dedication/drive to put this much effort into my own troops.

In the same time that you've done this, i've painted about 40 troops!

Good luck, and keep the updates and photos coming.


Mike said...


You can't paint all your lead....if you do you die....its the law....

Nice figs, I wish I had a small portion of your drive.


Bluebear Jeff said...

From the looks of that pile of lead, 1000 won't have you headed down hill . . . indeed you will still have over 2500 figures to go!

You're a better man than I am for tackling such a project . . . and for painting so well.

-- Jeff

Geordie an Exiled FoG said...

Respect to your stamina, determination, ability and focus. Plus I hope your flooring is solid that must weight a fair old bit!

Vulture said...

Now that, is an impressive pile of lead !!!