Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Early Crusades Books

I'm a member of quite a few groups and forums and one question that often crops up on forums is "What further reading.....?" So I'm going to list the books I have on my chosen periods, each with a very brief appraisal - now when I reply to the question I can simply post a link! I'll start with the books I have on the Crusades. My main interest is the 1st and 2nd Crusades (as that is what I have figures for) and the list reflects this. I'll update as new books are acquired.

A History of the Crusades (3 Vols) - Steven Runciman. [The best history of the Crusades in English.]
The Art of Warfare in the Middle Ages 378 - 1278 - Charles Oman. [Who could be without?]
The First Crusade - Thomas Ashbridge. [A good general history.]
Crusades - Terry Jones and Alan Ereira. [A brief history and a good 'choosing sub period aid'.]
The Wars of the Crusades - Terence Wise. [A sound military history.]
Battles of the Crusades 1097 - 1444 - Various authors. [This is a big, coffee table, 'battle book'. It covers 20 battles in its 224 pages.]
Warriors of God - James Reston, Jr. [History of the 3rd Crusade.]
Dungeon, Fire and Sword - John J. Robinson. [The ripping yarn of the Templars - a page turner.]
Byzantium, The Decline and Fall - J. J. Norwich.
Crusader Warfare (2 vols) - David Nicolle.
[Essential wargamers' reading.]
Crusading Warfare 1o97 - 1193 - R. C. Smail. [Essential wargamers' reading.]
A Wargamers' Guide to the Crusades - Ian Heath. [Title says it all.]
Armies and Enemies of the Crusades - Ian Heath. [Wargames Research Group book. Excellent. Includes line drawings and descriptions of all known (?) troop types.]
Memoires of the Crusades - Villehardouin and de Joinville. [Contemporary accounts.]
People of the First Crusade - Michael Foss [Basic story of the 1st Crusade told well].
The Crusades through Arab Eyes - Amin Maalouf [Good book this one.]

Plus the Ospreys [if you like that kind of thing - and David Nicolle]:

The First Crusade - David Nicolle
The Second Crusade - David Nicolle
Hattin 1187 - David Nicolle
Saladin and the Saracens - David Nicolle
The Crusades - David Nicolle
Knight Hospitaller - David Nicolle
Saracen Faris - David Nicolle
Byzantine Armies 886 - 1118 - Ian Heath
Armies of the Crusades - Terence Wise

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