Monday, 26 July 2010

My Wargame Book List

Although I now buy wargames books for nostalgic reasons, some are still useful. Things were so much simpler way back when......

Discovering Wargames - John Tunstill. [Pamphlet.]
KTG Wargaming - WRG. [Pamphlet.]
Scenarios for Wargames - Charles S. Grant. [A goodie.]
Buildings for the Military Modeller - I. Weekley. [Dream on Ian!]
The War Game - C. S. Grant. [An Icon.]
Ancient Wargaming - Phil Barker. [Hard back pamphlet.]
Wargame Campaigns - C. S. Grant. [Useful.]
Setting Up A Wargames Campaign - Tony Bath. [Useful.]
Solo Wargaming - Stuart Asquith. [Pamphlet. Things were so much simpler......]
Napoleonic Wargaming - C. S. Grant.
Sea Battles in Miniature - Paul Hague. [From a time when no one produced small models!]
War Games - Donald F. Featherstone. [Oooh, he has much to answer for...]
Naval Wargames - D. Featherstone.
The Peninsular War - D. Featherstone. [Signed copy with letter to John on headed note paper: "...It is only a 'pot boiler', written in about three weeks......and at very short notice........."
Wargames Campaigns - D. Featerstone. [Still useful.]
Battle Notes for Wargamers - D. Featherstone. [A present from my parents - 1973 - they have more to answer for.]
Advanced Wargames - D. Featherstone. [Advanced, like electric light bulbs!]
War Games through the Ages 1792 - 1859 - D. Featherstone.
Wargames through the Ages 3000BC - 1,500AD - D. Featherstone. [That's scope! and the page with the Romans is missing from mine!]
Tank Battles in Miniature (5 vols) - Various Authors. [What started me in WWII at 11. Fantastic books by the usual suspects - Featherstone & Quarrie.]
War Gaming - Andrew Wilson. [A look at wargaming from the military's perspective.]

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Alistair said...

These lists are a great resource, James, A couple of years ago you posted a splendid Italian Wars list on the Piquet Yahoo Group, if I remember rightly. You should so post that up too with your helpful comments : )