Sunday, 25 July 2010

My 17th Century Book List

Although you might not know it, I do have an English Civil War collection - though it rarely sees the light of day - and once upon a time I played with it a lot. It has been so long since I read any of these books that I can only pass comment on a very few. Here is my book list:

General histories:

The English Civil War - Maurice Ashley.
The Kings War - C. V. Wedgewood.
Cavaliers and Roundheads - Christopher Hibbert.
Going to the Wars - Charles Carlton.
Civil War - Taylor Downing & Maggie Millman.
Cromwell Our Chief of Men - Antonia Fraser.
The English Civil Wars Local Aspects - Richardson.
The Civil War in the Midlands - Roy Sherwood.
History of the Great Civil War (3 vols.) - Samuel R. Gardiner.
Cromwellian Gazetteer - Peter Gaunt.

Military histories and books:

The Battle of Naseby - Maurice Ashley.
Marston Moor 1644 - Peter Young.
Edgehill 1642 - Peter Young.
Battles of the English Civil War - Woolrych.
Cromwells Army - C. H. Firth.
Roundhead General The Campaigns of William Waller - John Adair. [An all time favourite book.]
The Campaigns of Montrose - Stuart Ried.
Generals of the Civil Wars - H. C. B. Rogers.
A Battlefield Atlas of the English Civil War - Anthony Baker.
All the King's Armies - Stuart Ried.
The English Civil War - Philip Haythornthwaite.
Armies and Warfare in the Pike and Shot era - Featherstone.
Warfare in the Seventeenth Century - John Childs.
English Civil War - Elliot-Wright.
The Thirty Years War - G. Pages.
The Thirty Years War - C. V. Wedgewood.


Sir Beville Grenville - Stucley
Prince Rupert, Portrait of a Soldier - Frank Kitson. [Great book.]
Montrose - C. V. Wedgewood
Charles I - D. R. Watson


Soldiers of the English Civil War (2 vols) - Osprey.
The English Civil War Armies - Osprey.
The Campaign of Naseby - Osprey.

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