Monday, 26 July 2010

Military Aviation Book List

My main interest here is WWI.

On a Wing and a Prayer - Joshua Levine. [Not read it.]
Independent Force - Keith Rennles. [War Diary of the Daylight Squadrons of the Independent Air Force June - November 1918.
Knights of the Black Cross - Terry Treadwell.
Aces High - Alan Clark.
The Air VCs - Peter G. Cooksley. [Tales of daring do.]
Naval Aviation in the First World War - Layman.
The Red Baron - Peter Kilduff.
A Brief History of the Royal Flying Corps in WWI - Ralph Barker. [Not so brief and very good.]
Tumult In The Clouds - Nigel Steel & Peter Hart. [An all time favourite.]
Fighters 1914 -19 - Munson. [Blandford book - excellent.]
Bombers 1914 - 19 - Munson. [As above.]
War Birds Military Aircraft of the First World War - Published by Macdonald and Jane's. [Nice plates for colour schemes.]
Jane's Fighting Aircraft of WWI - PB. Studio Editions. [Not as good as it sounds.]
The Encyclopedia of Air Warfare - PB. Spring Books.
Aircraft Versus Aircraft - Norman Franks. [Fighting tactics WWI to present.]
Military Aircraft Markings and Profiles - Wheeler. [This book has a picture of a 230 Squadron Puma helicopter in tiger pattern - my dad designed the tiger's head motif and I have the original tiger's head artwork.]


I have a small collection of Profile Publications that used to sell for 2 shillings and now sell
for £2 - £3:
Sopwith Camel
Spad VIII C1
The American DH4
The Albatros D V
The Fokker Monoplanes
The Gotha GI - GV
The Fokker D.VII
The O. Aviatik (Berg) D I
The Fokker Dr.I
Purnell's History of WWI The First War Planes [Special edition]

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