Sunday, 25 July 2010

My Naval Book List

I've had an interest in things naval for years. Here is my book list:

Age of Sail:

Naval Warfare in the Age of Sail - Bernard Ireland.
The Line of Battle - Conway's.
The Naval War of 1812 - Conway's.
Naval Warfare in the age of Sail the Evolution of Fighting Tactics - Tunstall & Tracy - Conway's. [Very Good.]
Nelsons Navy - Brian Lavery - Conway's.
The Trafalgar Companion - Mark Adkin. [Very Good.]
Nelson's Battles - Tracy. [Very good.]
The Naval War of 1812 - Roosevelt. [That President was a brainy chap and this work is excellent.]
St. Vincent and Camperdown - Christopher Lloyd.
The Glorious First of June - Oliver Warner.
Trafalgar - Clayton & Craig.
Trafalgar The Nelson Touch - David Howarth. [My favourite account.]
England Expects - Dudley Pope. [Another good account.]
The Frigates - James Henderson. [An all time favourite - a ripping yarn of daring do.]
Nelson A dream of Glory - John Sugden. [Not read it.]
Nelson - Howarth & Howarth.
Nelson's War - Padfield.
Nelsons Favourite - Deane. [Lovely book.]
Nelson and the Nile - Lavery. [Very good account.]
Fighting Ships - David Davies. [I like this little gem.]
Admiral Lord Cochrane - Cochrane. [Autobiog.]
Nelsons Navy - Osprey.
Charts of War - J. Blake [book of old naval charts, etc. of limited interrest].

Age of the Oar and Renaissance:

The Age of the Galley - Conway's.
The Battle of Salamis - R. B. Nelson.
The Battle of Salamis - Strauss.
Actium 31 BC - Osprey.
Ancient Greek Warship 500 - 322 BC - Osprey.
The Spanish Armada - Falkus.
The Spanish Armada - Lewis.
From Merciless Invaders - McKee.

WWII, etc. :
The Bismark Episode - Russell Grenfell.
Pursuit - Ludovik Kennedy.
The Royal Navy In Old Photographs - Trotter.

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