Friday 29 October 2010

Some bits and pieces

Recently I have been emmensely busy with work, the chaos caused by having the builders in (and subsequent decorating by yours truly with a much bigger brush!) and family life in general. I've also been putting the finishing touches to an article or two - the first, my rules for ancient naval warfare " Fleet of Battle" will be out in Wargames Illustrated next month (complete with playing counters). Consequently, this blog has been neglected of late - it will be for another month or so. But I have had time, just, to take a few shots of the basing I'm using for my desert stuff.

Bases are 2mm MDF (bought in 4 x 3 foot sheets - 5 for £20 - from a picture framing materials supplier), with painted 'sand and glue' texturing, woodland scenics coarse turf, and grass tufts by Mininatur. Minis are FoW.

First up, a British 'battle group' HQ stand - my C-in-C.

My first Germans - 2x 8.8cm flak guns and prime movers.