Wednesday 31 August 2011

Some new ships

These are some merchant ships for my ancient galley collection. The ones with the white stern posts are Xyston ships. The ones with 'wood' stern posts are my own castings from the mould featured in a previous post. They will definately do!!

I had to paint these up for a photo shoot at my place next Monday. Dan from Wargames Illustrated is coming for lunch and to photograph the Battle of Rhium for an upcoming article by Neil Smith.


Latest Punic Wars painting

 A few additions to the Punic Wars project: Two Elephants and a unit of Carthaginian heavy cavalry.

This completes the troops required to fight Trebbia at my 'full scale' where the Carthaginian force can be scaled against the Roman force featured in a recent post.




Next up for the Punic Wars project, the completion of the Gallic army - which entails painting another 164 infantry, 16 cavalry, 12 chariots and some command figures. This is now underway.

Thursday 25 August 2011

Ghazzan - Which one girl with beard?

We Finished the battle of Ghazzan last night. A crushing victory for Gudrupee the Malik of Fob. The more regular Frankish troops where routed or slaughtered defending the hill whilst their less martial element looked on from the gardens, vineyards and orchards below. After the battle, every harem slave merchant within 200 miles licked his lips - "Which one girl with beard?".

Here are some shots of the battles conclusion.

Thursday 18 August 2011

Isle of Fob Campaign

The Battle of Ghazzan.

Though roughly equal in numbers, the forces of Islam are qualitatively superior. The Franks are also suffering from being half starved through lack of supply. The Battle of Ghazzan will be settled by who holds the key piece of terrain - the hill. During the first night's play the Turks envelop the  hill slaughtering everything in their path with devastating quantities of archery. It is looking like being a Turkish crushing victory - but, like all Piquet games,  it isn't over until the fat lady sings. To be continued...................

Thursday 4 August 2011

Roman Consular Army - Finished!

I have now completed the first of my Punic armies - the Romans. The other three (Gallic, Spanish and 'African') are all over half finished.

The Army comprises:
8 units velites (each 12 figs)
8 units of hastati (24 figs each)
8 units of principes (24 figs each)
8 units of triarii (12 figs each)
8 units of cavalry (8 figs each)
7 command stands (15 figs)

Total: 655 figures - roughly a consular army at 1:33. The army's frontage is about 10 feet.

The velites are represented at half strength due to battlefield durability and foot print - they should, historically, be 24 figure units.