Thursday 9 June 2011

A Campaign for the Summer - Isle of Fob

Peter J and I have decided to fight a Crusades campaign this summer. It is The Isle of Fob campaign as published in Miniature Wargames as part of the Ager Sanguinis series. I do not intend to give a blow by blow account of campaign moves. Instead of this, campaign moves will be recorded with a photo of the campaign map after each player's phase if a significant move has been made.

Initial deployment:

Campaign Background:

….In the summer, in the year of our Lord 1110, sore pressed by incursions on his northern borders by Asiatic hordes, the Emperor [Byzantine] withdrew armies and garrisons from quieter parts of the Empire to meet the threat. This was folly for, in leaving the Isle of Fob unprotected, he invited the attention of divers Seljuk princes.

The Isle of Fob is not, in truth, an isle. It is a large tract of land connected to the mainland by an isthmus that borders the lands of the Hashishmendid Seljuks. No sooner had the garrisons left the Isle the Seljuks, led by a certain Emir called Gudrupee, crossed the isthmus and occupied Chiosus. It was late in the year and here Gudrupee encamped for the winter and declared himself Malik of Fob. On promises of land, wealth and the Glory of Allah his army was swollen by reinforcements in readiness for the campaigning season.

Fearing for his cherished Isle the Emperor was at a loss, for in sending troops there he must give up another cherished part. Then fortuitous help came to him. A Crusade, led by Louis of Chernobil, was on its way to Jerusalem and was at that very moment passing through the western borders of his lands.

It has long been known that the Isle of Fob is a blessed place; for it was to here that our Lord’s Cup was taken and hid in one of the many monasteries. The Emperor, being both wise and cunning, let it be known throughout Christendom that this Blessed Relic would surely fall into the hands of the heathen if left unchecked.
At once, the Patriarch of Jerusalem hurried to intercept the Crusade and, with the aid of the Emperor’s fleet, diverted Chernobil and his followers to the Isle of Fob. Chernobil and his followers landed at Lampron and, on Christmas Day, entered the town.
But now the Emperor’s plans became untied. Betraying the Emperor, the Crusaders crowned Chernobil King of Fob and set to plan conquest of the Isle for themselves.
Thus the scene was set for the bloody War of Fob………
Campaign moves leading to the Battle of Kinana

The Battle of Kinana

Franks - Army B: 3 SP, plus castle, plus tactical advantage cards = 5 SP. Draw 4 unit number cards for 14 units. This was a low unit draw - 14 off maximum. The Franks have invested a lot of trust into this small army; SP reflects more than numbers, it also reflects an investment of 'national will'.

Turks - Army C: 2 SP, plus 2 tactical advantage cards = 4 SP. Draw 3 unit number cards for 19 units. A very high unit draw - 2 off maximum.

The Battlefield
The Franks are defending and terrain is randomly determined using Army B's sequence deck. They also have two more posture cards in their hand than the Turks, so they will be able to deploy into both flank deployment zones. They win the 'side of table roll' and choose to deploy on the hilly side of the table.