Friday 20 May 2022

Xyston 1:600 Galleys For Sale

Firstly, I must apologise for not posting for quite a while now. The reasons are many and varied: 

  • I've undergone an operation on my hand to repair some tendon damage caused by repetitive figure painting so I've been out of action for some time. 
  • I've only really played some bits and pieces games such as WW1 aerial dogfights which don't really write up or photograph well.
  • My wife and I have been spending a lot of time sorting out visas and accommodation for some Ukrainian refugees who, you'll be glad to hear, are now safely staying with us here in the U.K.
One thing I did do, whilst being unable to paint following my operation, was finish rebasing my galley fleets. Now the bases are rectangular (they were pill shaped) and the bases have been resized so that they fit into a single hex on my hex gridded table-top.

Whilst rebasing, I had to decide what to do with with eight Hellenistic trireme galleys gifted to me by Daniel Faulconbridge (editor of Wargames Illustrated). They were painted and based  by the resident painter of Wargames Illustrated for a photo-shoot (issue 289 - Wargaming the Battle of Rhium) that took place here at Olicana H.Q. back in November 2011; they feature in about a dozen shots in that issue.

They are so nicely painted and based (magnetized plastic bases) that I couldn't bring myself to pull them apart but, now they don't fit in with everything else I've got. So, I've decided to sell them.

Eight Xyston 1:600 Hellenistic galleys.....
....with a fairly 'interesting history' to boot.....
....and featuring detachable heavy gauge brass masts (these are something mine don't have - and I wish that I'd thought of doing mine this way).

Selling price (no offers): £90 including package and postage (within UK). 

Payment method: Bank transfer or PayPal only.

First come first served: Contact me by email to express an interest at

(IMPORTANT NOTE. This email is not my PayPal address, so no jumping the gun).