Sunday 3 August 2014

Ager Sanguinis army lists found!

I've had about a dozen enquiries this year for the army lists for Ager Sanguinis (Crusades rules published in Miniature Wargames 309). The two lots of army lists were published somewhat later (MW issues 311 & 319), but as far as I'm aware all the hard copy, rules and army list issues, sold out years ago. 

Until recently I thought the lists were lost on an old defunct computer (I will not scan and send the copyrighted MW version). This last fortnight I've been away soaking up sun in France. On Friday I packed to come home and whilst doing so I found a memory stick in a suitcase side pocket - I checked it out at the airport and, guess what, I found some of the article notes for the army lists. I think they are complete, if not exactly as published in MW.

If you were one of those wanting them, drop me a line again and I'll send you a copy. My email is in the side bar and at the bottom of the for sale post below.