Friday 28 March 2014

Prussian 2nd Hussars (The Reds)

This week I've done the 2nd Hussars (known as 'The Reds', later 'Zieten's Hussars') which must be one of the most beautiful Seven Years War uniforms around. The combination of red, white and blue, especially with the white fur on the pelisse, is just wonderful. As with all Prussian hussar regiments, The Reds were ten squadrons strong, and consequently this unit is 16 figures strong and will be fielded as two units of 8. The figures are Foundry.

Next up, 7 figures to make the 7th Hussars up to ten squadrons - I know the 7th was not at Zorndorf, they will be stand-ins for the 3rd Hussars (it's a cost saving thing). This is an important moment as they are the last Prussians I need, and that will only leave exactly 100 Russians to do. The end is in sight.

Tuesday 25 March 2014

FOR SALE - Mussolini's Clangers

These ten models are Battlefront / Flames of War M13 tanks (code IT040). The vehicles were painted with enamels (by me) and are based on 2mm MDF. Note that the vehicles were glued to the bases after the bases were done, so they will come off fairly easily if required - and I'm happy to do that for you. There are ten tanks including a command tank.

The price for this lot is £135.00 including postage by Royal Mail Special Delivery (insured next day delivery). If you wish to express an interest you can contact me at:

Payment must be by PayPal. The lot will be sold on a first come first served basis. Thank you for looking, and BTW, any money generated will be redirected towards a 'terrain' purchase.

Sunday 23 March 2014

Easy eight or silly seven

The Punic War campaign is continuing (report to follow later this week) but, in the background, work towards Operation Zorndorf has not been forgotten. Normally I would wait until the end of the month to do a progress report but, to be honest, I need to encourage myself with an early one - my enthusiasm gave way some time ago, and now it's all just a grind. In the last 23 days I've painted......

 96 Prussian infantry. Battalion Alt-Billerbeck is at the front - the waistcoats and breaches clearly indicating this is a unit of combined grenadiers.

 Combined Grenadier Battalion 8 / 46 Alt-Billerbeck.
Standing Grenadier Battalion IV Lossau.
Standing Grenadier Battalion VI Plotz.
Musketeer Regiment 4. I liked the button lace on the front of the coats of this unit very much.

Four units of cavalry.

Cuirassier Regiment 8 with blue facings and white shabraques.
Cuirassier Regiment 2 in their distinctive yellow coats and red edged cross belts.
I love this uniform!
Finally, Hussar Regiment 5 the Black or Death's Head Hussars. I hadn't planned on ever doing this unit as it always struck me as a very "1980's in a Motorhead T-Shirt" war game unit. But, it fought at Zorndorf so here it is - double strength of course. 
Except for the shabraque, which is very classy looking......
......there is far too much black. In the early stages they were eye achingly awful to paint.

You'll also note that this unit has 14 figures rather than 16 figures. I somehow forgot, when ordering, that Prussian hussar units do not carry flags - and I ordered command packs with cornets! Doh! 

I'll base and do the flags, for those units needing them, in May.

All figures are Wargames Foundry.

Next up, twenty three more Hussars for the Prussians. Sixteen figures for HR2 which was at Zorndorf. Seven figures (to make up a pre-existing unit) for HR7 which wasn't - it will be a stand-in for HR3. That will finish the Prussians.

Thursday 13 March 2014

And now for something completely different-

There was no campaigning this week as Graham H. had more pressing business elsewhere - I know, what's more pressing than war gaming? - so Peter brought some of his stuff over. Last night, in a galaxy far, far away...............
We played X-Wing by Fantasy Flight Games. This was a boxed starter set containing three space craft (2 Tie Fighters and an X-Wing) and all the other bits and pieces needed to play the game. I was especially impressed at the level of thought and quality of everything, such as the models, movement aids, cards and the like. The models are wonderfully detailed for their size and pre-painted to a very good standard. Peter also brought his vinyl play mat (the saucy devil) which set everything off very nicely.
So what of the game? It was excellent! There is a great deal of fun to be had with this game. Everything has been well thought out. It is easy to pick up and it plays with a good pacey move turn around. For a game without hexes it leaves little room for any disputes. Although science fiction gaming isn't usually my bag, I will play this game again, and I might even buy it - as a Birthday present for my son, perhaps (grin) - as a 'quick set up', 'hour to kill', game.

Thursday 6 March 2014

The Battle of Heraclea - Rome strikes back

Paulus marches his army out of camp and offers battle to the Carthaginians (deploys first). Hanno accepts the challenge.

The initial deployments. Rome masses its legions in the centre and details its velites to the flanks in support of its cavalry. Carthage sets its Bruttians in the hills, its African, Spanish infantry and elephants in the centre and a strong cavalry wing on the right (foreground). The Romans begin the battle here, taking the settlement and launching a series of cavalry charges. Honours are about even but the Romans remain in possession.

 The Roman legions advance in the face of the elephants. 
 The elephant attack is poorly timed (Romans battle first) and they cause as much damage to their own side as the enemy. Here an officer rides up and down the line inspiring his men against the beasts - moments later he is flattened under the dead body of one of them (C&C: double helmets!).

Carthage will lose both of its generals in the battle.
 Carthage spreads the attack over to the hill country.....
.....and sends a sneaky attack around the rear of the advancing Romans, cutting their line of retreat (this road exit is worth 2 victory flags to the owner).
 The Romans finally lose the village (2 victory flags). They have to send troops to recapture the village and the road exit.
 The Carthaginians are pulling the battle back but at heavy cost: They consolidate their right wing.
 The Roman counter-attack in the hill country. They beat the Bruttians easily. Rome is gaining ground and the battle begins to swing in favour of the Romans. They capture the Carthaginian hill (worth 1 victory flag) they need three flags to win.
And here, in one card, they are - one for the unit of surrounded, hapless Spaniards; two for the road exit (far distance) recaptured by a unit of triarii.
Following the battle, judged to be long fought (attrition on the 7-9 column) and a normal victory (no adjustment on the retreat table) Paulus takes 1 CU loss. Hanno is wiped out after rolling very badly.