Saturday 30 July 2011

Crusades campaign update

What follows are the bare bones of progress in our Isle of Fob Crusades campaign. This is due to various reasons including holidays and being absolutely snowed under with work - for some reason the summer is always a very busy time for me - with little time to think let alone write.

The Battle of Kinana: Marginal victory to the Seljuks.

Campaign moves following the Battle of Kinana:

The Battle of Qaqun: Although greatly outnumbered the Seljuks actually managed to scrape a marginal victory in one of the most bloody battles that I've played for years. It was such a heated affair that I forgot to take photos during the second half of the battle. The Seljuks managed to hold their hill, took the hill on the far side of the river, but lost the village - it was a blood bath for both sides.